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Yu Dabai, elegant and warm

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-21
The east gu, baishi Oriental nation of artistic conception, graceful and restrained inside collect, moderation and classical. Myriad fuhai, deep national color of artistic conception, east soil, rivers contain Oriental the marrow out of heaven and earth. Xi meet knowledge, there is no ink in the place of silent WenQin sound. A roll of painting and calligraphy, ancient all show. The mountain of the east soil, reiki yu xiu, east soil stone, jade. By the Oriental white solid surface sheets, with ivory at the bottom, snow on the surface of decorative pattern, played down the grain, like a picture of a shading ink painting. Smoke tenuous straight grain, like a distant mountains looming cloud and is also the east does not spread the fog of the morning xiao. The great white, Oriental flavor. Oriental humanities, the person that reside to feelings of eastern country strong cultural atmosphere, cultivate elegant warm feelings of home ownership. In artistic conception by white space, with white space, shape the Oriental style. Graceful and restrained flow lines, free flow in space, the wanton diastolic, Oriental ancient folk story presented itself and long, how much tenderness, kept on looking back. One place such as washing the Oriental white stone, pure no cover, nor too much decoration confused. Reside with no reservations, and generous show white acrylic countertops appear a aesthetic feeling of the space, just have the wind of magnanimous gentleman traveler. Home is a set of each item, and each story collection. Home tea table table delicate bouquet furnishing articles, make the finishing point, telling the grasp of space, elegant and grade of glory. Oriental culture implicit inside collect, pay more attention to illicit close space in this jing ya and tidy. Oriental white ivory background, bring some tenderness for bathroom space, also reveal the illicit close space of simple but elegant. Among set out after the tired, empty mind, open a dialogue with their most real, grasp the numerous and complicated life. Long ago, in the east sky grand, are, in my thought, between exploring at the beginning of the 'human' philosophizing.
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