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10 green countertops

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-03-28
There are two main options for 2 TileThere: ceramic tiles and glass tiles.
The tiles are made of clay, sand and minerals that are fired, glazed, fired again, and then finished--a very energy-
An intensive process beginning with mineral mining.
So what can you do to increase the green factor?
First of all, you can use recycled materials.
In addition, look for tiles produced locally to reduce the cost of transportation.
Tiles have little VOC emissions, so there is no concern about air quality.
But you should investigate imported tiles because there are different guidelines for different countries and some imported tiles have leadbased glazes.
Glass tiles are usually the preferred green countertops as the glass itself can be made from 100% of recycled material [1 [source: U. S.
Green Home Guide Building Council.
The glass recovery process, called sintering, is much less energy-
It is more intensive than making glass bricks with new materials.
There are some disadvantages to the tile.
Like ceramics, glass bricks are shipped in large quantities, so they can be purchased locally if they can.
With glass and tile countertops, tiles are also hard to remove at the end of the counter life cycle.
Once you remove them, it\'s hard to use them again.
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