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Translucent Solid Surface Sheets


1. Good performance: high strength, non-polluting, non-radioactive, non-toxic, flame retardant, oil dirt & corrosion resistance, low water absorption, easy installation, etc.

It is gradually becoming the new darling in the decoration building materials market.

2. The thickness of the material can be deployed. It features good gloss, fire & aging resistance and is applied to environmentally friendly investment projects.

3. Compared with the natural marble, it is lightweight. According to the needs of customers, it could be bent and truly reached the natural world.

4. It has a light texture, both with the natural marble elegance and luxury, but also with modern art style taste.


High Hardness: New composite materials

Lightweight: Compared with natural stone

Art visual: Good transmittance

Good performance: Oil-, dirt- and corrosion-resistance

Environmental protection: Easy to install without causing any pollution.

Fashion decoration materials: With a variety of texture and styles.

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