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Modified Acrylic Solid Surface Sheets

Modified acrylic solid surface sheet features:

1. Invisible joints make it more beautiful - Different colors can achieve a seamless joint by using the same color glue;

2. It has no bubbles and it is anti-pollution and easy to clean - Especially suitable for kitchen tops, and worktops & table tops;

3. High tenacity & easily repairable - Renewable and repairable by polishing;

4. Modified acrylic solid surface is superior stain/bacteria/chemical resistance;

5. Advantages of KKR's products: Our modified acrylic solid surface sheet will be flatter and the thickness tolerance of one slab can be controlled within 0.5mm. The surface sanding and polishing is much better without any sanding mark on the sheets. For thick sheets, especially for sheets with large grains, we can make sure that the grains are distributed evenly. For 30mm thickness, we do much better than other suppliers.

6. Modified acrylic solid surface provides a warm touch and it is colorful and beautiful.

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