100% Pure Acrylic Solid Surface Sheets

①Top quality raw material, Aluminum Hydroxide supplier is Chinalco. the powder is very fine, without black dots , makes our products very smooth and silky, not dry, touches fine.

②Good flatness, produced by advanced machine, the thickness determine and polishing in one line. Thickness of the tolerance can be controlled within +0.5 mm instead of -0.5mm。

③Can do customized dimension.

④Good surface finish, without sanding mark.

⑤Color matching service.

⑥support small trial order.

⑦technical training can be supported.

⑧with CE and SGS certificate. pass Fire Resistance + High Temperature Resistance + Anti-fungal + Stain Resistance Test.

⑨We can provide related products, such as same color glue,machines and tools for fabrication.

⑩Many color option for marble pattern sheet and translucent sheet. The pattern looks natural. And we have many project experience with these colors.

⑪Max width 1220mm.

⑫For thick sheets,especially for sheet with large speckles, we can make sure the speckles are distributed evenly. For 30 mm thickness,we do much better than other suppliers.

⑬Raw materials are the main factors affecting prices, cheap raw materials can greatly reduce the cost .There is never a shortage of cheap materials in the market. But cheap material will bring a lots of problems, for example get dirty easily, get yellowing fast, get yellowing unevenly, crack easily.

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