With over ten-year experience in custom and fabrication, KKR makes use of all kinds of solid surface stone material from 100% pure acrylic solid surface stone to modified acrylic solid surface stone.

The final product is in one integrated piece. It is nonporous and seamless.

Imagine a table or countertop surface that is both practically durable and beautiful in a stylish design.

KKR brings you the highest satisfaction

Solid Surface Usage Case Show

Widely usage for solid surface, like tabletop, counter top, bar table, wall panel, worktop, reception desk, windowsill, special design products


Material Features that Allow Cutting-Edge Designs to Come to Life

There are more than 300 kinds of modified acrylic solid surface sheets in different colors and patterns. Besides, we can also provide color matching service.

Being smooth and silky, the surface touches fine and soft. There is no porous or polishing mark. Large grains in 30mm thickness sheets will also distribute evenly.

100% Pure acrylic solid surface

Texture Pattern Solid Surface

Edge Cutting

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