Texture Pattern Solid Surface Sheets

  1. 1.Adhere to making excellent products and creating a strong brand.Focus on the R&D and manufacturing to create artificial stone and other new decorative materials.

KKR has been constantly providing high-quality products for partners and consumers.


  1. 2.Good performance: high strength, pollution free, radiation free, toxic free, flame-retardant, oil dirt and corrosion resistance, low water absorption, easy installation, etc.

It is gradually becoming the new favorite of the decoration building materials market.

  1. 3.Compared with the natural marble, the weight of solid surface is light. According to the needs of customers, it could be bended and truly reaches the natural world.
  3. 4.Light texture with natural marble elegance and luxury in modern art style taste.
  5. 5.Texture panels are available in various patterns from random and rolling wave wall texture to geometric, abstract and linear designs.
  7. 6.Solid Surface Texture Panels are the solutions for new texture options and applications.Use backlight to show the color and translucency. Use front light to emphasize shadows and depth.
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