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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-24
Choose with marble as the sitting room TV setting wall design - Stone setting wall, TV setting wall, European Roman column, the whole house custom marble, stone - setting wall manufacturer

the author: kkrsolidsurface setting wall date: 2020 - 09 - 25 source: TV setting wall marble manufacturer focus on: 8 is a important place in a bedroom, sitting room and living room TV setting wall, the choice of material is also important to the selection of TV setting wall of stone should be durable and also want to and the whole decorates a style is tie-in, marble material is relatively good. The sitting room TV setting wall door to use marble is also quite good, now the TV setting wall with dye-in-the-wood individual character became a window of the sitting room, make TV setting wall with stone material, will improve the level of household, noble and elegant, like a natural exquisite arts and crafts. But the sitting room to choose marble TV setting wall are a few design points: 1, in general, marble used for European style of the sitting room decorate a style. The marble as main ingredient of TV setting wall decorations, there will be a hale alternative style. The hale and hearty style, of course, will be accepted by the owner and family identity and. Compared with the noisy city, natural guileless marble, give a person a kind of psychological sense of peace and quiet. Use them as background wall can let a person is cheerful, builds a contracted household style, is also a good choice. Marble metope and the sitting room with larger area, its fine texture, smooth surface, can match the furniture of natural atmosphere is more fashionable breath. 2, use marble the sitting room TV setting wall, be sure to plan ahead good whole decorate a style, such as the setting wall of size, color, style and so on carries on the overall planning. When making design plan, the first thing we want to consider the size of TV setting wall, according to the size and the size of the whole space of the television to decide. And the size of the marble, 80 centimeters commonly used specifications SLATE assembled, it's easy to transport and install, but there are some owners choose a block of large plate. How to choose, or want to decide the be fond of according to owner. 3, there are many different kinds of marble, various color and texture, black and brown and other dark marble exalted atmosphere, light colors such as white, cream-colored wen run full; Has a pattern of simple and agile walk quietly elegant line, also have highlighted the grain brings strong shock. Here you need to follow with the sitting room is integral style to match this principle. 4, smooth surface, especially the black marble once glance can destroy whole visual effect, and let a person feel dazzling and uncomfortable, so today's mainstream products are not light pollution caused by the smooth surface design is given priority to.
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