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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-23
How to design the stone setting wall surface? Stone setting wall construction points - Stone setting wall, stone setting wall, diffuse beautiful stone setting wall

the author: kkrsolidsurface setting wall date: 2018 - 12 - 24 source: stone setting wall manufacturers focus on: 229 stone setting wall is household decorates design inside indispensable metope adornment, it is not only beautiful atmosphere, and sound-absorbing, sound insulation, absorbing, and other functions, can decorate the place has a lot of background wall, such as sofa setting wall, TV setting wall, and so on; Now, however, stone setting wall is used in home outfit more, then, stone setting wall is how to design? Stone setting wall construction points? The design method of setting wall 1 stone, stone setting wall surface processing methods are polished, matt, sandblast, ax chop, water, fire, etc. Adopted by most early is polished or polishing treatment. 2, smooth processing but there will be an inevitable problem - Reflection. Regardless of the color of the original design has more harmonious, more beautiful texture design, smooth marble glance it is ruining the overall visual effect, and become the owner of long-term pain. Especially for the black marble, the reflective problem is particularly serious, can let a person feel uncomfortable, dazzling at the same time also there will be a reflection on the space complexity. 3, the smooth stone used instead to have better effect, the mainstream of today's Europe and the United States design is also not to light pollution caused by a smooth surface design is given priority to, using surface restoring ancient ways, water surface, sandblasting surface, surface processing, such as fire is more a kind of natural harmony lasting appeal. Setting wall construction points 1 stone, stone setting wall decoration design occupies very important position in the household decorates, general and commonly used in the sitting room, living room and master bedroom. Usually the setting wall of sitting room and living room often given with the combination of TV and acoustics, this also is the need of modern life. Setting wall decoration design can make the finishing point out the whole house home decorate a style, as well as the culture grade of the host that occupy the home. 2, there are different ways to make it, plasterboard is modelling, aluminous model board, Malay paint, paint colour modelling, modelling of wooden paint, glass, stone material modelling, and wallpaper, etc. 3, should be considered when making: if it is wall-mountable televisions, metope should have position ( Embed widgets or solid base) And enough socket ( Suggestion: dark bury a coarser of PVC tube, all wires can through this tube wear to the TV ark is below ( Lines to DVD, closed route, VGA, etc. ) 。 Consider the width of the sitting room: people eyes distance is the best TV size 3. Five times, so don't do TV wall is too thick, lead to the sitting room is narrow. 4, considering the position of the sofa, the sofa position is determined, determine the position of the TV set, to be determined by the size of the TV again modelling modelling of the wall. Consider the TV at the top of the light echo: TV wall generally correspond with the local condole top, usually have light on condole top, so want to consider modelling of metope and lamplight photograph echo, consider don't glare TV set, even avoid watching eye fatigue. 5, carpentry do TV wall, looking at air conditioning outlet, don't put the air conditioning outlets to seal up, should want to move out of the socket. In addition, the modelling of metope in construction, should be the thickness of the floor tile, the height of the line that play a base into consideration, to coordinate various modelling, and if there is no design is the line that play a base, the installation of the panels, gypsum board should be in the floor tile after construction, in case of be affected with damp be affected with damp. Above is to talk about on the surface of the stone setting wall construction points of the design method and the stone setting wall, it was obvious to everyone?
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