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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-26
Diffuse beautiful stone background - — Chinese style decorates the point - Chinese background wall, diffuse beautiful stone setting wall

the author: kkrsolidsurface setting wall date: 2018 - 11 - Source: 21 stone setting wall manufacturers focus on: 194 kkrsolidsurface background - — Chinese style decorates the point 1, the characteristics of Chinese traditional interior decoration art is a general layout symmetrical balance, robust, and advocate natural appeal on adornment detail, flowers and birds, and worms and other carved small peck, abound change, which fully reflects the spirit of Chinese traditional aesthetics. 2, in the Chinese style decorates a style residence, space decoration used more concise, hale straight line, there may be families adopt western industrial design of board type furniture with Chinese style furniture collocation is used. And linear adornment in the use of space, what mirror a modern to pursue simple life not only to live requirement, more face and the pursuit of Chinese style household inside sword, simple design style. 3, in terms of the details of the residential decoration, Chinese style style is very exquisite, in the residence of small area often create a walk in scene adornment effect; In act the role ofing is tasted ', Chinese style style is free, decorations include green plants, cloth art adornment picture, different styles of lamps and lanterns, etc. , style variety, but the space body decorations or traditional decorations such as Chinese painting, palace lantern and violet sand earthenware. Above is kkrsolidsurface setting wall finishing for everyone to share the relevant knowledge about Chinese style decoration content introduction, hope everyone in gains after watching the above article content, also hope that we can make a happy home for himself.
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