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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-27
New Chinese style TV setting wall is what kind of? New Chinese style style - stone background wall New Chinese TV setting wall, stone setting wall, stone TV setting wall manufacturers, diffuse beautiful

the author: kkrsolidsurface setting wall date: 2020 - 09 - 19 source: TV setting wall manufacturers concern: 17 new Chinese TV setting wall is a visual focus of the sitting room, decorate the wall is beautiful beautiful, is not only meet the aesthetic needs of the decoration, can reflect master special taste and style more. The so-called new Chinese TV setting wall, use simple words to understand that is actually the modern elements and Chinese style style is formed by combining a household style. New Chinese style style characteristics of TV setting wall stone what? 1, the space level using the wooden door of Chinese style or screen used to isolate the line of sight, embodies the level of beauty and mystery, the overall space look more rich, but does not show white, appearing in the contracted modelling lightly nobility. 2, new Chinese style decorating embodies in the finely crafted exquisite line line is fluent and simple, for example on the new Chinese style household, embedded in the traditional Chinese knot, flowers, landscape paintings and so on. 3, pay attention to practical family decorating a process, not only should pay attention to good, but the practical principle, especially in the aspect of the visitors, such as the visitors in the Ming dynasty is too flat, and people's back line is difficult to fit.
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