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Stone TV setting wall decorate guide, the sitting room TV setting wall rendering design - Diffuse the stone setting wall, stone setting wall manufacturer

the author: kkrsolidsurface setting wall date: 2018 - 12 - 30 source: stone setting wall manufacturers focus on: 223 let you of the sitting room is different! To speak of TV setting wall, without any decorate a style, can match it rests in the name of any function area. As the appearance of the house because the sitting room, TV setting wall more have the effect that make the finishing point, is also reflect the overall administrative steps. As long as the TV setting wall, determine the good home sitting room decorate a style to also immediately to determine. All say porch is about the most total want to place, but in fact the most bright eye area, that is the sitting room TV setting wall, as a common area of the family, and visiting guests receive a visitor area, you say this is not the most can reflect household style, so TV setting wall is home outfit link in many of the owners more attention, how to turn the TV after a space deck out the flavor of personality has become a lot of people, especially young people issue of concern. Practical kkrsolidsurface setting wall below small make up to you talk about TV setting wall decorate guide. 1. TV setting wall need to be at the early stage of the decoration plan a nice TV setting wall is not speaking to, need to be in the early stage of the construction plan, TV setting wall, on the one hand, is in accordance with the TV and deposit in personality at the same time also can't cry bing live more, masked as 'background' role; On the other hand, also want to highlight its own characteristics, have the effect of light indoor visual. Space planning - - - - - - - Determine size setting wall, ensure the reasonable design background wall design must first from size to start with, can according to the size of the television and the overall size to measure the size of the background wall, at the same time, the position of the TV set is also associated with the display of indoor, so want to make sure of good home household put location, to determine the location and size of setting wall again. 2. Decorate a style to planning - - - - - - - Domestic outfit style is unified with the whole TV setting wall, on the one hand, as a highlight of the home office should have unique design and concept, on the other hand also can't break it whole decorate a style in the home, can achieve the harmony of whole style. Different decorate a style on the design and material selection of setting wall have very big difference, need to adjust measures to local conditions. 3. Material selection planning - - Household style, based on the actual demand on choosing the decorates a style, can choose according to the style suitable to decorate material. Although speak the same kind of material can make different decorate a style, but there is some materials is the most suitable for a certain style. For example, if you like Chinese style classical style, can choose wooden materials plus some decorative elements such as calligraphy and painting to show. When selecting a material, don't neglect environmental protection material. 4. - color planning - Is given priority to with quietly elegant the colour collocation of the TV setting wall should be paid attention to match the colour of the whole space, but also to meet the master's psychological feeling for the principle. In general, the white of quietly elegant, light blue, light green, bright yellow, red decorated with shallow gold are good tonal, too deep tonal easy mood letting a person dazzling, heavy emotional tension. 5. - modelling design planning - Avoid messy, can highlight personality thinking modelling of setting wall of planning is making a very important link in metope, according to their own decorate a style to match the setting wall of unique design effect, make setting wall become the nods eyeball pen of decoration. But also should pay attention to at the same time, the plan of setting wall to avoid sharp corners, edges and has no intention of segmentation, had better use round, curved or straight linear as the main modelling of edges and corners.
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