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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-27
Household living room TV setting wall decoration - what are the feng shui taboos Stone setting wall, TV setting wall, European Roman column, the whole house custom marble, stone - setting wall manufacturer

the author: kkrsolidsurface setting wall date: 2020 - 09 - 03 source: TV setting wall manufacturers concern: 17 TV setting wall decorate feng shui is very exquisite, not only can make a sitting room a lit up, also can improve the temperament of the house. But do not follow one's inclinations, TV wall below to introduce friends about geomancy taboo sitting room background wall. One, as is known to all, household geomantic layout is reasonable colour collocation of color is tie-in, good for family members to keep a good mood, is more advantageous to promote family overview. TV setting wall as part of the space, it is the visual focus, so must pay attention to choose the color of it. 1. Tonal and consistent with the overall space when selecting a color TV setting wall, the first thing to meet with the principle of integral space tonal and consistent. If the color of TV setting wall and integral space is not the same as the color, not only affect the senses, more will affect mood. 2. Are based on host selection born spring and summer, TV setting wall color appropriate choice of elegant is cool color department ( Such as white, light blue) ; Born in the autumn and winter seasons, setting wall can choose bright colors ( Such as yellow, red) 。 3. According to direction of the sitting room background wall color selection still need to consider the direction of the sitting room. Is moving west, east, south, and north in azimuth is known as the 'four', in the southeast, southwest, northwest, northeast, known as the 'four corner'. For four positive and four corner of the sitting room, the background color of the wall is different. Decision setting wall color must also consider the direction of whole sitting room. Look for the direction, can choose appropriate color background wall. South to appropriate of sitting room background wall to make decision with white color. South is fire, but the anger when wanda, born in accordance with the five elements theory, gram of gold is fire, so if you want to grow the south to the type of the sitting room, white as first, because white is the color 'gold'. The TV setting wall of the sitting room appropriate between north with red color to make decision. Five lines of water, the north is buffoon when prosperous land of gas, and water, fire for goods: so if you want to grow the north to the type of the sitting room, should choose the purple and pink, but had better not choose for lux, because for lux easy to temper, and active. Second, the orientation toward the critical - For TV setting wall position of TV setting wall bearing orientation directly affect the whole family luck, feng shui is related to the rise and fall of the family's finances, career, reputation. Setting wall, should be how to choose the Settings in which position, all of these is to have cultured. 1. Taboo: can't in money on TV setting wall on the money. Where money is household type gathering, which is a symbol of wealth and money should be quiet, quiet, accumulate, move it. While the television is noisy noisy, so should not be located in the money. So, if the house door open left, money will be on the right on the top of the diagonal: if residential door open right, money is on the left on the top of the diagonal: if residential central door open, money is at the top of the left and right diagonal. In general, residential door should be open on the left. Because, in fengshui, open house there are four major, namely south gate ( Rosefinch door) And open the left door ( Tsing lung door) And open the right door ( White humen) , north gate ( Xuanwu gate) 。 Left to tsing lung, tsing lung in the left should move, for. And the right white tiger, white tiger on the right should be quiet, for the worse. Open the north gate of basalt, it is not auspicious, it is called 'ghost', also have 'lost' meaning. 2. Taboo: can't face the window or in a window on the wall of the unfavorable TV setting wall facing the window or in a window of the wall, because if this is the layout, first in terms of physiology and Windows strong light can cause harm to the human eye vision; Second, easy to form a loose drain is empty of bureau, had a flourishing Ding Wang wealth, influence the family fortunes. 3. Sure: should be right in front of the sofa and TV setting wall position should be considered home feng shui layout, whether in which position, house is different. But one thing is certain, that is, directly in front of the TV setting wall should be on the sofa, or slightly offset. Decorate the background wall, should be first determined sofa put the position, and then determine the setting wall of the bearing.
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