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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-27
Install the TV setting wall five steps - marble Marble background wall, TV setting wall, TV setting wall marble, marble wall of setting of manufacturers, diffuse beautiful stone setting wall

the author: kkrsolidsurface setting wall date: 2020 - 11 - 24 source: TV setting wall marble manufacturer focus on: 0 are in fashion now setting wall to decorate the home with marble, marble setting wall is the most easy to improve and show indoor decoration decoration effect and taste, each side marble wall of setting of words can't describe it and show her beauty and unique. Marble species are very abundant, ever-changing style and color, texture, has a highly artistic grain color, we in the choice of marble can choose fine pattern road route of quietly elegant, simple and agile can also be won with sharp prominent grain in shape. So, in the installation of marble in TV setting wall, there are five steps let's take a look at: a, processing first need to the positioning of the base line setting metope processing at the local level. Treatment method and the construction of brick wall were similar, ensure clean, no aggradation, float ash metope, have good leveling and coating moistureproof layer. Then, according to the construction drawings on the wall, pull the overall horizontal and vertical line. Second, the installation of fixed steel keel for the heavy marble slabs, reduce the effects of slab to metope to use steel keel, and improve the shock resistance of the whole. Construction method is according to the construction drawings, drilling in metope buried under fixed pieces, to fix on even keel. Request keel installation is firm, with metope is flat and level. Three, install the pendant to the keel fixed steel keel, then need to be connected to the Dali to install pendant on keel. The shape of the pendant as the shape of the letter T, T the pendant to the keel, up and down in front, can hang two pieces of cut stone; At the bottom or just a piece of cut stone, used as the shape of the 7 45 ° pendant to hang li shi. Four, install the Dali connection good fittings, then install marble slabs. Specific methods are in each piece of stone on the four horns beneath the incision, the mouth into the marble glue, and then the fitting of a card inserted into the incision fixed up and down. Five, sealing treatment after installation of Dali, board with board between aperture using glue processing. First clean the dust impurities inside the cracks, on the edge of the plate paper paste tape to prevent pollution of viscose marble surface, glue, require glue line smooth and straight.
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