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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-28
What is a minimalist style? Minimalism way of life will be like? - Stone setting wall, TV setting wall, European Roman column, the whole house custom marble, stone - setting wall manufacturer

the author: date: 2018 - 08 - Source: 21:227 in recent years, more and more young people in particular, some elite, begin to contact and accept minimalist lifestyle. It mainly displays in the physical simplicity, life, etc. A: the spirit of contracted - — Live up to win a few, contracted creed is a trade-off art, reduce useless things in life just means, make time, energy to more good things, is the core. Simple lifestyle first need re-recognition on thought for self - — Understanding yourself, what is the most important, and then use the limited time and energy, dedicated to pursue simple life. 2: material contracted - — 'If no necessary, not by entity', contracted creed is of strengths, Ann to consumption. To clear his needs, do not buy stuff you don't need, and we really need the goods, buy bear ability within the scope of the best, and make full use of it. At the end of the day, minimalist lifestyle is not equal to lower the quality of life and standard of living, but advocates a delicate, more quality of life concept. Three: simple life - — Minimalist lifestyle advocate return to natural, healthy environmental protection concept of life. Choose healthy natural material, using environmental protection of life, adhere to the green low-carbon way to travel, it's all part of a minimalist life. Life more simple, the inner peace, the pursuit of more pure. I do not know where to start, minimalism like a bunch of warm and not dazzling sunshine, more and more people began to shine. Modern urban life of fast rhythm, high efficiency, overload, make people eager to get rid of complex, tedious, the pursuit of simple and free. Simple way of life of socialism is just the needs satisfied people. When most people are accustomed to the excessive consumption and have, there are a lot of people question the reverse type simple question way of life, can let a person more happiness and satisfaction! Minimalism way of life, can let us cut spending, more high quality life. In the era of information explosion, we can not do without the Internet and instant messaging. Practice minimalism life, however, let us know your true desires, reduce unnecessary mental activity, concentration, time and energy to deal with the most urgent thing. Minimalism way of life, can let our mood relax, slow down life, simple question one important benefit of life, is that the matter we spending will be less. When we are, the less the use and storage, maintenance, repair, cleaning, items of the cost of energy, and will also be greatly reduced. Living space clean and orderly, items of fewer but better, life will make our life more delicate and organized. Minimalism way of life, can make us energetic, pursue more focus: simple is a kind of practice, a kind of satori, calm regression is to slow life. A little less red tape, and out less, a little less words take cars, let people bathing in the natural physical and mental, balance in the leisurely, devote more time to do the thing that oneself like, spent more time with his family and friends, let the life is simple, vivid, the moment of life. Under the background of material and the era of information explosion, contracted questioned lifestyle has become the spiritual world of oasis, attracted people eager to return uncut jade to put in, behind minimalism agitation, the beginner's mind reflects people's desire to return to natural, return to nature, the poetic spirit demand.
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