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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-28
【 Stone setting wall 】 Household setting wall is mainly used in what place Stone setting wall, TV setting wall, European Roman column, the whole house custom marble, stone - setting wall manufacturer

the author: kkrsolidsurface setting wall date: 2020 - 10 - Source: 21 TV setting wall manufacturers focus on: 0 【 Stone setting wall 】 Household setting wall is mainly used in what place, A) The sitting room TV setting wall - — By your TV setting wall that has grade, from introducing a concept of public building decoration. It is mainly refers to the living room, office, main bedroom has a wall can reflect their own image and style. TV setting wall is one of the main bedroom setting wall adornment in setting wall, occupy the important position in the design of TV setting wall is usually the area to make up for the household space TV setting wall, at the same time have the effect of modified TV area background wall. ( 2) Sofa setting wall - — Taste comfortable sofa in the sitting room in addition to placing TV and acoustics, film and television wall, and a wall behind the sofa, commonly known as sofa setting wall. The sitting room is the focus of family life, so sofa setting wall decoration is also very important. The modelling of setting wall, decoration and sofa characteristics fully reflect the sitting room master life quality and taste. ( 3) Porch setting wall - — One hundred of feng shui in porch is the home of the first window, the house is decorated in, people often the most important and the adornment of the sitting room is decorated, and ignore the adornment of the porch. In fact, in the integral design of the room, porch is the place that gives a person the first impression, is 'face' of the host culture temperament. Porch background wall just gives people 'face' decoration needs. ( 4) Restaurant background - — Love family love life restaurant the personalization of setting wall, can make more sweet flavor restaurant, in the design of dining-room setting wall decorating a process, should pay attention to the use of color and tie-in, I suggest that can be used to enhance appetite collocation such as orange or green, bold character make public, sweet, but avoid by all means is design and color is too much too miscellaneous, and affect appetite. ( 5) Aisle or enter a garden setting wall - — Taste the first line of the window, with the continuous improvement of people's life quality and the pursuit of natural, is now building in order to adapt to the development of household, each have their own house gardens. She became the first mirror reaction master grade, but at the same time, how to compare the narrow space of personal qualities, to become a heart. Choose ceramic tile setting wall as a decoration, just to make up for with a blank wall caused by all kinds of embarrassing. ( 6) Wall of setting of the bedroom - — Reflects the inner window of the bedroom setting wall of the bedroom decorate with plays a big role, the bedroom is the most intimate of the household, and most can express individuality, the main location that the bedroom is people rests, the bedroom decorate good or bad, directly affect people's lives, work and study, so the design of the bedroom is a family to decorate one of the key. Bedroom design should pay attention to practical, the bedroom setting wall can reflect a person's inner choice. ( 7) Study background wall - — Precipitation cultural sites as reading, writing, and the study of amateur study, study, work space, is the office environment returns again after people ends the job one day of a place. Therefore, it is not only an extension of the office, is a normal part of family life. Study background wall adornment can make study more literary flavor and the taste of quiet. This article from the Kkrsolidsurface setting wall 】 Reprint please indicate the source
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