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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-28
【 Whole house custom stone 】 Application - artificial marble decorate in the household Stone setting wall, man-made stone setting wall, background wall, marble stone setting wall manufacturer

the author: kkrsolidsurface setting wall date: 2020 - 09 - 01 source: stone setting wall manufacturers focus on: 18 with artificial marble household style diversity, fashionable and beautiful, also can greatly save decoration cost. Nowadays, artificial marble by continuously in constant pursuit of a distinct adornment effect and technical innovation, can also realize 'marble effect' and 'natural' the superior performance of perfect union. Therefore, the marble has gradually been more and more construction units and engineering use. Moreover, artificial marble is a kind of adornment material, decorate in household in it more is treated as a work of art to carve. Decorate in household in, the figure of it appear in every household, throughout the entire household lives, all the time to send out a fashionable temperament, my bedroom style is elegant and easy, delicate, pure and fresh quietly elegant, solemn particularly. Installation and construction aspects: can according to the traditional shop sticks ceramic tile already, also can use another way, now in the market also has a lot of dry hanging for the development of artificial marble products, technology USES mature dry hanging back bolt type, very safe and convenient. To ensure product quality stability and standard criteria. At the same time satisfy the mass production, ensure the stability of the supply.
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