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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-25
Stone TV setting wall six points - decorate The sitting room TV setting wall, stone setting wall, diffuse beautiful stone setting wall

the author: kkrsolidsurface setting wall date: 2018 - 11 - 19 source: stone setting wall manufacturers focus on: 250 setting wall is sound-absorbing, sound insulation, decoration etc, therefore in the household space such as sitting room, bedroom, dining-room use is more, setting wall material variety, decorate many considerations, too. Today, kkrsolidsurface setting wall small make up to summarize to everyone sitting room background wall decoration of the note. A, the sitting room of TV wall position 1, determine the huan huan looking at location is the first step to choose the TV wall position, the metope that any position is not for reading are not suitable for TV setting wall used. 2, should according to their own pre-loaded TV size to choose suitable reading distance, sitting on the sofa, unbend arm, if your hand can just blocked the screen from the right. Second, the sitting room of TV wall robustness to hang TV TV wall during construction must pay attention to its robustness and stability, prevent accidents after hanging on the big size TV. Three, the sitting room TV wall pipeline preset 1, used embedded PVC pipe, laying the signals to the power cord to a TV set the default location. 2, the construction after the completion of the overhaul power socket if there is a hidden trouble, must be reliable grounding protection. 3, signal lines, The rf cable TV first) Also should be reliably grounded, avoid a potential difference and electric part, to eliminate fire hazards. Four, the intensity of illumination with the TV wall in the sitting room if you're used to turn off the lights, watch TV recommend you on TV wall put one to two in the background of the light is downy light, so that we can reduce the TV screen the light and shade contrast with the surrounding environment, make the screen more gentle at the same time, it can preserve vision. Five TV wall, the sitting room TV wall color and texture of color and texture should not be exaggerated, shall be made in soft color and delicate texture. Too bright colors and exaggerated texture will only make your eyes feel tired. Six, TV wall in the sitting room decorate a style of TV wall decorate a style to a lot of change, the owner can be decorated according to his be fond of, but the TV wall in style, should also pay attention to harmony. 1, the color spray wall cloth is very warm: TV wall is different from other parts of the sitting room, beside the TV with a set of short ark, walls in color, wall paper, wall cloth, etc. Color and colorful with moistureproof, mouldproof, wash, heat efficiency of the coating, and the market of wallpaper, wall cloth has a variety of decorative pattern, design, very sweet, warm. 2, landscape painting artistic: if preference has a long history of traditional Chinese culture, so in the TV on the wall hangs a set of calligraphy and painting, is quite elegant. It is a simple set of calligraphy and painting, it become the nods eyeball pen of the sitting room, more fully reflect the owner's identity, status, talent, taste, etc. 3, the European country style feelings of nature: if appreciation European country style, so, wrought iron carve patterns or designs on woodwork, beautiful color painting, depend on a wall and TV ark, plus dotted with white porcelain, antique, this is the typical European country style. 4, culture stone with delicate feeling: to undertake to TV wall alone design and decorate, if use coarse culture stone Mosaic texture. Says from the function, culture stone can sound-absorbing, avoid sound impact on the rest of the bedroom, look from the decorative effect, he foil metal electrical products exquisite feeling, the simple sense of a strong contrast, extremely rich contemporary sense. 5, glass material avant-garde fashion: by avant-garde fashion design elements to create the 'bright spot' space of the sitting room also is at present the popular trend of TV setting wall, for instance, use the material such as glass or metal, already beautiful and easy, and moistureproof, mouldproof, heat resistant, can also scrub, easy to clean and Dali, moreover, the selection of this kind of material, most combine furniture jointly shape the atmosphere of the sitting room. 6, bright colors and geometric modelling: bright beautiful colour and all sorts of ornamental thread to enrich the ornament, inside the sitting room furniture is put to is concise do not break drab, the mass-tone attune of the TV wall wall can use orange, sky blue, purple, such as bright color, the color can be bold, clever, also can use two kinds of comparative and intense tie-in colour. For the pursuit of personality of young people, TV wall painted themselves think cool cool enough color is a good choice.
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