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1830s heritage house in Ste-Geneviève was a solid impulse purchase

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-27
Many people talk about love in the first place, but in the family field --
When they walked into this Quebec 22 years ago, Rita and Alan Rigler took it to a new level --
Country Style House.
There are few two steps inside, only the living room, they are ready to buy it without going to other rooms or asking about taxes, heating types, the cost and other basic information that is usually required to make rational and informed decisions.
\"I just told the realtor there and then she can send away any other potential buyers,\" Rita said with a smile . \".
This is an impulsive purchase, but they have never regretted it since then.
The house was built by a stone craftsman in the 1830 s, called damdamase-
Richer after the earliest occupants.
This house is part of a series of heritage buildings in Ste-autonomous city
In genevey, West Island.
It turned out to be divided into two separate units, which illustrates the two front doors.
The houses were eventually merged and an extension was built at the back.
The expansion has a basement, while the old area of the house has only one crawl space. The 61-centimetre (two-foot)thick red-
The Mortared stone wall supports a steep roof with three windows.
The roof is covered with Brown and Brown asphalt wooden tiles.
Riglers says there is almost no need to renovate the house.
In the kitchen, for example, only the countertops are replaced by meticulous granite.
Crafted rocking bed
The wooden cabinet in style provides a lot of storage space. The glass-
The door cabinet hanging on the beam across the two walls of the room is a partition between the kitchen and the dining room area.
The two rooms are part of the expansion that retains the bare stone walls of the old house to add to the overall rustic style of the kitchen/dining area. The warm-
The tiles are imported from Mexico.
The amazing Chinese cabinet in the restaurant is also from Mexico.
Hand carved with exquisite details.
It was a gift that Rita\'s father bought in gaspersie and he found it not suitable for his new apartment.
Two paintings hanging in the blue restaurant
For expensive modern art, the walls of the room are likely to pass, although Rita bought them at a garage auction for $5 per person.
She is a frequent visitor to garage sales, but her favorite is to pick up furniture and items that are discarded on the street and give them a new life.
\"What people throw away is amazing,\" she said . \".
In an old saying, a man\'s garbage is the wealth of this woman.
She has a trick to blend unusual items harmoniously into the decor, which is obvious in the living room. The 10-
The floor is a barn Plank purchased from a local farmer, covered with stamped metal plates.
The couple cut them into size, polished and painted dark brown.
They also added a railing to the stairs.
The pillars and armrests are made of oak. The wood-
The burning fireplace with brass decoration comes from Vermont Castings.
There is a room on the first floor, separated from the living room by floor-to-ceiling windows.
Here, the floor is made of pine trees and recycled from houses that are being demolished in the area. A cherry-wood queen-
The size of the snowy bed, the high lights and the gold-plated Mirror give this room an elegant appeal. The co-
The coordinated color and pattern of the room includes the soothing green of the walls and some cushions, the floral pattern of the bedspread and pillowcase, and the three paintings on the side of the bed, the latter is, of course, also found at the garage auction.
What this woman finds in items sold or discarded can be very surprising, just like two large portraits of children hanging in the second room upstairs.
The metal and brass double beds are antique, but the rest of the furniture and decorations are purchased cheaply.
An interesting feature of the room is that the windows are flush with the floor exposed by the stone wall, showing the whole depth.
Recently, the master bedroom was refreshed with water-blue walls and accents. The king-
A queen size bed is made up of two windows and the curtains are semi-transparent curtains bought at a dollar store.
Luggage, bureau and side tables are from Mexico but purchased in Montreal.
A family room with eclectic decorations can also be found upstairs. The hand-crafted-
Commode, as a TV station, is another work that Rita rescued from the street.
The round coffee table on the white top is actually a tall cup from Africa.
The small clay sculpture above is called \"Circle of Friends \".
Rita used her usual talent to turn the bird cage into a desk lamp illuminated with a battery. Power candle.
Her biggest discovery.
On the street again.
It is a beautifully carved mirror.
\"I saw it when we were driving along Gunn Avenue.
I shouted, \"Stop, stop!
Give it to my husband.
Surprisingly, the glass is intact.
It is now standing on an antique oak dresser in the upstairs dressing room.
The main bathroom on the first floor is centered on separate castingiron claw-
A footbath was attached to the house, but the room was redecorated by the couple.
The upgrade includes a glass shower and a ceramic floor with a beautiful mosaic pattern.
Delicate stained glass panels hung on the windows, while an antique pine cabinet was transformed into a dresser with washbasin.
After pouring so much love, care and time into their lovely home, it was surprising to learn that the couple decided to sell it.
\"We\'re all retired now and we want to start over,\" Rita said . \" Although she did not conceal the fact that it would be a little heartbreaking to separate from the house --wrenching.
She has only one wish, that is, the Mexican Chinese cabinet in the restaurant now can be placed in their new apartment.
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