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5 once-hot features just wasting space in a new home

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-03-09
BOSTON (MainStreet)
Fashion is coming, fashion is not only in terms of clothing, but also in terms of housing construction. Let\'s take a look at the five features of the absolute \"outdated\" in the new residential buildings in 2014.
\"Many of them are good [amenities], but not make-or-
Stephen Melman of the National Association of Home Builders said: \"Breaking the features that determine whether someone will buy a particular place, a recent survey of about 400 members, see what they plan to include in the upcoming project.
The survey found that outdated items are usually expensive facilities, and few consumers are willing to pay for them later today, Melman said.
Housing market depression
\"It has a lot to do with the bottom line,\" he said . \".
\"The consumer is asking: \'Is this something I can cross and still enjoy my new home?
\"Look at the list of items that the survey participants told NAHB that they are unlikely to build into a typical family (
Or click here to see the top features in the association vote).
The average number of facilities below is less than 2. 5 on a five-
The contractor says it is possible for them to include a specific feature in the house they plan to build in the near future. Two-
Family room score: 2 points. 4 The two-
Story family room-
Home room with nothing upstairs before you get to the second room-
The floor ceiling had its fan before the house collapsed, but its popularity was below
Basement these days.
\"These rooms are expensive to heat and cool, and they tend to feel cold, far away, contrary to comfort,\" Melman said . \".
\"That\'s why they lost their minds.
\"Solarium score: 2 points. 1 (tie)
The solarium is \"a good place in the cold,\" Melman said\"
The weather is climate, because winter is so dark, \"but at these thinner times the Sun has fallen as required.
\"In the past, many new homes had a media room, a hobby room and a daylight room, but all of them cost a lot of money, not everyone wanted to spend more, he said.
Outdoor fireplace rating: 2 points. 1 (tie)
Like buyers with cool climate refuse to pay for the solarium, those warm ones
Melman says the weather area is splashing cold water on the idea of an outdoor fireplace due to price reasons.
But he added that since the outdoor fireplaces are \"not too expensive good features\" and usually only a few thousand dollars, their popularity will eventually rekindle in the west and southwest, it used to be hot.
Outdoor Kitchen score: 1. 9 (tie)
High-end homes built during the boom period of the residence are usually equipped with carefully designed outdoor kitchens, including stoves, sinks and even refrigerators, which are often installed next to the swimming pool or large terrace.
But Melman said that many consumers today have pulled the plug in the outdoor kitchen because they spent a lot of money and basically copied what the \"regular\" kitchen of the House has done.
\"Buyers may prefer a house with an outdoor kitchen, but the price is expensive and most people can do their new [place]
\"There is no job,\" he said . \"
Enhanced Kitchen Table Top score: 1. 9 (tie)
Popular from 1950 to 1980 or so, plastic-
Nowadays, the demand for laminated kitchen counters is similar to that of coalfired stoves.
Although the basic laminate is usually the most-
You can get affordable KKR countertop materials, says Melman, and consumers today usually prefer to buy granite finishes at higher prices.
He added that Wood, Jerusalem\'s light stones or other high-end materials are also becoming more and more popular.
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