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5 things to remember about marble and quartz stones

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-19
Stone is the natural product of the Earth, some of the lowest value, some precious, have great value.Marble and quartz are decorative stones inside, they are formed in different ways, marble is limestone or limestone quartz stone is made of minerals found on the surface of the Earth, they are essentially crystals.Both of them have differences, but they are the best choice for each other.Here are five points to remember when buying marble or quartz stones.1.Design: marble and quartz stone are known for their beautiful and elegant design.Marble is a natural stone, so the design is natural and unique, which is one of the reasons for the price change.After good polishing and shaping, quartz stone has a variety of designs and good reflective effects, but not as unique as marble.2.Color: Color is one of the main reasons for interior stone decoration, marble and quartz stone have a variety of elegant and bright colors to enhance the aesthetic feeling of the interior surface, walls, countertops, shelves, bathroom supplies and so on.Marble includes colors such as yellow, purple, Cedar red, black, white, blue and even pure white, and quartz includes opaque, Rose, Brown, smoked yellow, white and purple.Not only is the color attractive, but even the dim color catches the eye by providing a good texture or design as a bump or pattern.3.Durability and maintenance: Another problem that arises is the durability and maintenance of the stone, and the quartz stone has a strong lead because it does not need maintenance and is relatively more durable than marble.Quartz stone is resistant to dirt and scratches.The design of marble stones is actually layers of rock, they are easily stained, there are scratches, repair is possible, but not like quartz stone.4.Hardness: the quality of the Stone also depends on its hardness, the quality is the same as the importance of the design and color.The hardness of the stone is proportional to durability and maintenance.According to the reading of the Ministry of Health scale, marble was measured at a speed of 3 to 4, and quartz stone was higher than marble hardness of 7 on the Ministry of Health scale.As mentioned above, the marble has a design that is actually a loft.The rocks are fragile, easily scratched and brittle.Quartz stone is strong enough not to break.5.Price: different factors such as shape, design, quality are the reasons why these stones are of different value.Marble is more expensive than quartz because they are in greater demand and have a long history in Marble Crafts, interior decoration, sculpture, etc.Today, the demand for Quartz and marble is the same, and its quality and durability will increase the demand.Therefore, quartz stone will get the best choice within the customer\'s budget.
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