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a close shave

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-07-09
A few days ago, on a hot but sleepy afternoon, I was in Chennai apartment on the fourth floor trying to complete a formal task.
I had little idea of the impending commotion in the house.
My wife and son left home to find a job and I was alone in the apartment.
I was at my desk in one of the three bedrooms in the northwest corner.
I was so focused on my work that I didn\'t even notice if it was time for a cup of filtered coffee.
But my attention was suddenly disturbed by the deafening explosion and the explosion.
I paused for a few seconds and was confused about what might have happened.
The sound came from the house, very close to where I worked.
But when I turned around, I couldn\'t find anything meaningful in the room I was sitting in.
Something tells me that this may be a time of deja vu.
When Hurricane Varda hit Chennai in December 2016, I heard very similar voices in the apartment.
I was alone at the time.
As the whirlwind roared and the trees on the road danced in danger, a large aluminum window shutter with glass flew out of my balcony and hit the adjacent glass door and hit it
Landing on the floor
The pieces of glass were piled up and I spent a lot of energy and money getting back to normal.
Can I repeat it now?
I came out of the room and checked the balcony and the blinds.
Everything was fine and did not notice the torch at all
It\'s nearby.
Earlier, a coconut burst from our kitchen cupboard, causing us a huge panic before we found the source of the detonation.
Is it a rogue coconut again?
I only remember my wife telling me that morning before going to college, \"we don\'t have coconuts at home.
Can you buy two or three when you go out today?
So, I wiped out the coconut and secretly carried out an investigation mission.
I walked into the hall and headed south towards the kitchen.
I noticed something unusual, very unusual.
I saw miniature white clouds in my house. Cloud?
At noon in the hot summer of April, how can the cloud enter? ‘No way.
\"Check your eyes, dear,\" I told myself, scratching my head.
And then to my surprise, it could be thermocol (polystyrene).
A box of hot drinks and debris everywhere?
But there is no temperature box in the house.
My legs twisted as I approached the white clouds and I started skating.
I caught my fall.
The floor was dirty and slippery.
I turn right.
I looked at the kitchen, then the adjacent room, and there was a washbasin area that was comfortably tucked between the lobby and the other bedroom.
I was shocked because there was foam all over the floor, walls, ceiling, almirahs and sink mirrors.
Everything is covered with foam;
This is surrounded by a rich bubble.
I quickly wiped the floor with a wiper to avoid falling.
I cleaned up part of the washbasin and found an object on the far end of the floor.
The one I kept near the washbasin was my shaving foam tank.
I lifted it up and found that the bottom of it was torn.
Now I can add parts of the puzzle.
The pressurized foam tank exploded and sprayed the foam in all directions.
The bottom of the container was torn.
It flew like a shell and landed in a cracked sound.
The container should be able to withstand 50 degrees Celsius.
The temperature was around 40 degrees Celsius.
This is a case of container failure that may be caused by poor quality, corrosion and atmospheric heat.
I can now understand why this jar is not allowed on the plane.
My wife, who came back in the evening, and our maid had a massive cleaning operation. up.
I never thought a shaving foam can would mess up my house.
Perhaps, if someone is nearby, a jar that flies as a missile could hurt the person.
After all, this is a close shave.
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