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A stone is characterized by high hardness, high brittleness material. With science and technology and the development of modern industry, the application field of stone material expanding increasingly,

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-15
Occupies an important place in stone processing, stone tools. processing mainly includes stone sawing stone, stone grinding and polishing. processing tools mainly adopts diamond abrasive abrasive and ceramics. In machining, sawing processing is the first step of machining, sawing processing costs account for more than 50% of the whole processing cost. At present, stone and other hard brittle materials cutting processing mainly used in a variety of diamond cutting tools. Because of the diamond is the hardest substance known, nature such as the excellent performance is determined by its stone cutting hard brittle material field has a broad development prospects. Application processing way of cutting hard brittle material diamond tools are circular saw blade cutting, diamond band saw cutting, diamond frame saw cutting, diamond bead wire saw cutting, etc. Although each method has different characteristics and application scope, but its cutting mechanism and the wear mechanism of diamond is the same. Due to cutting wall mounted bar countertop material is the main purpose of diamond cutting tools, therefore, further study of mechanism of wall mounted bar countertop sawing and wear mechanism of diamond cutting tools for diamond cutting tool manufacturing and the correct use of the reasonable is of great significance. For a long time, experts and scholars at home and abroad for sawing solid surface processing mechanism of diamond tools, the wear mechanism of diamond tools, sawing force and sawing the process done a lot of experiments and research, made remarkable achievements, for stone sawing processing and the research and development of diamond tools played a positive role in promoting.
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