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About three maintenance cycles of golden hemp Stone

by:KKR Solid Surface     2019-12-27
Gold hemp maintenance is not blind, but it solid surface sheets is not necessary to maintain every day, and maintenance also has a periodicity. Once the stone is installed, it usually has to go through a natural life cycle. To formulate a stone maintenance plan, an accurate stone maintenance cycle should be considered, hardness and water absorption of stone are the main factors to set the maintenance cycle of stone. Stone is a neutral material. Maintenance should be carried out according to a certain stone maintenance cycle. Once the stone is decorated well, it usually has to go through a natural life cycle. The formulation of a stone maintenance plan should include accurate stone maintenance cycle, Stone hardness and stone water absorption, it is the main factor in setting the stone maintenance cycle. Gold hemp curing cycle consists of three parts solid surface sheets to prevent: use high permeability sealant to protect the stone interior, properly walk the stone interior well-off entrance bedding, and understand the chemical properties and procedures of the stone. Maintenance: use a fiber mop to clean the dust. Clean the mop and mop the floor with a wet mop, or automatically scrub, use epoxy resin or glue to clean pits and cracks and wipe excess substances in time to prevent corrosion and dyeing. Repair: repair the stone surface with diamond grinding tools. Such as eliminating scratches and eliminating wear- Deep cleaning of the burning surface, or fine holes in the ground floor. With the development of stone industry, Golden hemp stone products have entered thousands of households and become a beautiful scenery for buildings and home decoration. With the extensive use of stone, people's understanding of stone is becoming more and more comprehensive. Only by having to maintain the work can the utilization rate of stone last longer. Under normal circumstances, a good stone should have such characteristics. Under normal circumstances, a good stone should have such characteristics: the appearance of golden hemp is lubricated, and there is no rough feeling when touched by hand; The front is bright, and the reflection of the light is common during the investigation, and there is no flickering scene; The cutting edge is flat, and the side investigation cutting edge presents a straight line without jagged convex and concave points; The color is uniform, and the appearance of each piece of stone has no color difference; The texture is clear, the texture of the same type of stone is common, and there is no significant difference. When purchasing, you can listen to the knocking sound of gold hemp stone. The knocking sound of gold hemp stone with good quality is crisp and sweet. If there are slight cracks in the stone or the contact between particles becomes loose due to weathering, the knocking sound is coarse, it also indicates that the stone quality is not good solid surface sheets . When purchasing, the standard of stone should also be measured to avoid affecting the splicing, or causing deformation of the spliced pictures, markings and lines, affecting the decorative effect.
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