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According to the protective effect of classification, artificial stone can be divided into those?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-19
Type A, waterproof protective agent: applied, can prevent moisture penetration into the stone, at the same time also have anti-fouling ( Part) , acid and alkali resistant, anti-aging, freeze resistance, resistance to erosion, and other functions. Such as acrylic acid, silicon and organic c silicon stone protective agent, etc. For example: 'green angel' HB - S101, 103, 302, etc. B, anti-pollution protective agent: specially designed for wall mounted bar countertop material surface antifouling protective agent, its function mainly focus on antifouling performance, performance, other effect in general. Such as bo changes a brick surface antifouling agent. For example: 'green angel' HB - S201, 202, 401, etc. C, comprehensive protective agent: in addition to the excellent oil, antifouling and anti-aging performance, at the same time also has waterproof type stone protective agent of all functions. HB - such as 'green angel' S201, 202, 401, etc. D, professional protective agent: specially for stone material surface polishing, grace, and so on special function requirements and the development of protective agent. Grace as wall mounted bar countertop protective agent, our wall mounted bar countertop protective agent etc. HB - 'green angel' S401, 501, etc.
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