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An inventory of evergreen trees in the film industry Weixingguan spokesperson Zhang Guoli wins with high quality-Weixingguan, spokesperson Zhang Guoli

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-28

High-quality life experience started from Weixingguan, there are many experienced evergreens in the film and television industry, their every move can cause uproar, they play a guiding and iconic role in the trend of the times, and now we will come together Inventory of those red people who are still standing in the film and television industry!

An inventory of evergreens in the film circle

Jackie Chan can say that Jackie Chan is a myth in the entertainment industry , Although it is a lot of age now, it still has a strong box office appeal. I think the achievement of all these achievements is inseparable from his own efforts, and he is also a more sincere actor, no matter how dangerous the action is, he goes into battle himself, which is admirable. Brother Chow Yun-fat can also be called a legendary figure in the entertainment industry. His acting skills are beyond doubt. In the historical river of Hong Kong's film and television industry, Brother Fa must be regarded as a milestone figure. Compared with his superb acting skills, his charisma is even more convincing. He is a successful person praised by the Hong Kong media and a celebrity loved by the people. Andy Lau, as one of the former four kings, I think Andy Lau's status quo is better. He has great achievements in all aspects of his acting and singing career. Although he fell into a crisis of integrity because of the concealed marriage incident. But Andy Lau bravely faced it, and fans expressed their forgiveness. And all this is inseparable from Andy Lau's positive image. When Jet Li was very young, Jet Li went to the United States to perform for the President of the United States. Because of his good kung fu foundation, Jet Li entered the showbiz. Since his debut, the vocabulary of kung fu celebrities and tough guys has always revolved around him. At the same time, he also played a key role in the second boom of Chinese Kung Fu in Hollywood, which has not declined until today. Zhang Guoli, an evergreen tree in the film and television industry, Zhang Guoli has been in the film industry for 27 years. He has become popular among the Chinese people because of the films 'Stubborn Lordone of the actors. On October 12, 2009, at the unveiling ceremony of the China Film Association, Zhang Guoli was once widely expected to be elected as the chairman, which marked the peak of Zhang Guoli's acting career. Zhang Guoli's endorsement of Weixingguan to help build a model of high-level pipelines is such a man who lacks star power. In the understanding of his affinity for the audience, he has less of an unreachable halo and more appropriate kindness. Zhang Guoli has been able to get to this day, but he has put a lot of effort into himself. He also gradually changed from a good-natured actor to a strict director; from a blindly casual advertising image, to a suitor of high-quality advertising that resists brainwashing advertising segments. From many film and television dramas to family, he is a model of disdain for the stars, just like Weixing's new material, he is in a position in the home improvement pipeline. Zhang Guoli has won numerous awards, and Weixing has won the DVGW award. Strength creates quality, and stars and brands are the same. This time, Guoli Zhang joined hands with Weixing New Materials to bring you Weixing Pipe, a model of high-quality pipelines. Weixing fully supports your high-quality life!

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