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Analyze the marble marble wholesale suppliers what pay attention to

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-02
Analyze the marble solid surface sheets for sale wholesale suppliers what exquisite carving art has a long history in China, there are a lot of skillful craftsman in the field of sculpture, sculpture art according to the material of different can be divided into wood carving, stone carving, golden eagle and other species. See at most in the ancient stone carving art is seal, all sorts of modelling of figures and animals, epitaph, etc. In modern times, some big cities in the urban sculpture is also often can see, there are some of the stone was also more common in the campus landscape. Commonly used stone materials such as marble, solid surface, bluestone, sand, they all have a common characteristic is very hard and resistant to weathering erosion. They are carved from marble. is high quality stone material, carved out of marble art has many, many: eastern and western people, animals, fountains, flower POTS, pillar, and so on. Mainly in traditional stone carving art of the manual, there are a few basic process, namely, material selection, cutting, carving, carved, polishing, etc. , generally takes longer, is high to the requirement of carving artisans. But in modern times, have all kinds of carving, grinding machine, such as all kinds of engraving machine, CNC grinding machine tool, the application of modern machine greatly shorten the stone carving products, production time, however, carving products and carved by hand or by machine has the very big difference, pure hand-carved products or much exquisite carving products than the machine. In today's city sculptures, basically every village has a marble statue, is also a scenery line.
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