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Anwar teaches you water saving tips-Anwar, water saving, tips

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-27

Recently, a news video titled 'No swearing, nothing to say' has spread wildly on the Internet. A certain public responded to the issue of oil prices. Can I swear? Can't you? Then I have nothing to say, which has caused widespread heated discussion among netizens. It is not difficult to see that oil resources are increasingly lacking and the problem is getting more and more serious. After the oil crisis, will anyone think that the next crisis is water? With the deterioration of the earth's ecological environment and the rapid expansion of the population, the competition for water resources is also intensifying, and the urban water supply is becoming more and more tense, which requires us to continuously increase the awareness of water conservation. As an important part of domestic water use, bathroom space should not only bring a comfortable bathroom experience, but also save water reasonably and avoid waste. In order to help everyone establish water-saving awareness and master water-saving methods, Anhua Sanitary Ware • Tile features have collected some water-saving tips in life. 1. Collect laundry, vegetables, bath water, etc. to flush the toilet. 2. Use water for washing rice, cooking noodle soup, and overnight tea to clean tableware and chopsticks, which can remove oil, save water consumption and the pollution of detergent. 3. If conditions permit, please choose a new type of water-saving toilet. 4. Develop a good habit of turning off the water easily. I hope you can start bit by bit! It is understood that, as a water-saving pioneer in the field of home furnishing, Anwar caters to the environmental protection theme of most countries with practical actions: Anwar's 3/6 liter double-speed toilet is one of the earlier water-saving toilets in the market. On the basis of the principle of fluid mechanics, modern computer technology is fully used for scientific analysis and comparison, and a new process of pipeline glazing is implemented to make the inner wall of the pipeline smooth and not easy to block. Anhua adopts high-quality imported ceramic valve core, which is durable and wear-resistant, and has good sealing performance, which can ensure no water leakage for 500,000 times. It is reported that the person in charge of Anhua Sanitary Ware Ceramics Co., Ltd. pointed out that in the major environmental protection wave in most countries, protecting the environment is no longer a matter of the country, no longer the behavior of relevant departments, and it has penetrated into the hearts of every citizen. As an enterprise, in the process of development, it should actively advocate energy conservation and environmental protection, actively change the development mode, advocate the concept of green environmental protection, and build green competitiveness. Energy conservation and environmental protection is a major issue facing the people of the world. China's home furnishing and building materials enterprises, which are in rapid development, should shoulder their social responsibilities. Like Anhua Sanitary Ware • Ceramic tile learning, not only provides green and environmentally friendly products, but also In the spread of green consumption, spread the awareness of social responsibility for energy conservation and environmental protection!

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