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Arrange the wonderful housekeeper to create a spacious bathroom-basin, space

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-26

From the storage and arrangement of each room in this beautiful home, it can be seen that the home needs to be neat and elegant. Adding brightly colored bathroom supplies in the bathroom can present a comfortable and fresh effect. No clutter and orderliness are also the key to tidying up the bathroom. The use of various spaces for storage can make the originally cramped space in the bathroom appear spacious, thus bringing about a more convenient and cleaner life. Make full use of the space under the basin. The space under the basin can completely fit a larger storage box. When arranging such a storage method, pay attention to the sealing effect of the storage box, and the bathroom needs to have a better sealing effect. Wet and dry partitions. The second method of using the space under the washbasin There is another way to use the space for storage under the washbasin in another bathroom. The washstand can be made into an open drawer to store towels, bath towels, toiletries and skin care products. It has good air permeability and can also be used as a display space. Might as well make full use of the idle space in the bathroom, as a powerful storage assistant, as long as it is tidy, the small space will be less crowded. The family in this case made use of the space on one side of the bathroom entrance, and arranged a washing machine, an open locker and a push-pull locker, so that all kinds of washing products and bathing products such as bath towels and bathrobes were placed in their respective places. , so that the bathroom presents a neat and clean appearance. As shown in the picture, a locker is divided into upper and lower parts to install mirrors, which can not only make good use of the space above the basin, but also bring some ductility to the room through the reflection of the mirror, which is a method worth learning. The lockers with partitions can sort and organize various toiletries and skin care products, which are neat and clear at a glance. Clean and organized bathroom color matching method 1 Most of the bathroom space is white, and the mirror reflection in the bathroom extends the clean feeling. 2 Doors, shutters, decorative picture frames use a lighter log color and become part of the uncluttered space. 3 In order to prevent the bathroom space from appearing too pale, you can choose dark brown wall tiles with a sense of quality, and then match the floor tiles of the same color to bring changes to a single bathroom space. 4. Bathroom supplies should not be too fancy. The combination of blue towels and dark towels can better reflect the pure feeling of the ocean.

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