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At present the main processing for stone color difference are credit to dyeing, finishing touches, such as processing method. Due to color difference processing will change the natural color and texture, the stone as marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-14

1, the processing method to judge the

for the judgment of the processing method of color, there is an interesting test method: will have off color, two pieces of sheet metal in clean water after stone fully absorbing water observation, if the color of the two pieces of stone in the water became close to or the same, so in this case, simply take a good care to the agent coating color shallow wall mounted bar countertop.

if two pieces of sheet metal in clean water is still a clear off color, you can change appear off color part of the wall mounted bar countertop by stone coloring technology, so as to achieve the overall consistent results.

2, the correct use of the good care agent to the

many people react in the article with good care to the agent, color will be white color, or disappear soon after effect problems. In fact, the silicone composition in good care to the agent, after the stone completely absorbed, can guarantee the stone color doesn't happen too big change within 15 years, so what is causing the above phenomenon?

this is due to improper construction method. Organic silicon components of good care to the agent at the time of use, need after many attempts, besmear brushs a good care to the agent, didn't happen overnight, but, according to besmear to brush after the stone color changes and decide whether to continue brushing, generally speaking, in besmear to brush every time waiting for a good care to the agent under the condition of complete penetration, 2 times, can keep for a long time.

3, the use of the coloring technology

in general color uniform smooth stone colouring technology can be used, such as black, white color is pure solid surface sheets for sale, such as the obvious grain structure of solid surface, also can use coloring technology. While color more complex rough stone careful shading technology. Because in actual applications, the stone color if not after a large number of experiments and demonstration, it is easy to appear more serious consequences, to handle more difficult.
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