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Azalea fugui hong stone stone from red stone material standards

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-18
Square on the ground, the area is large, so the wall mounted bar countertop installation quantity is very big also, involves the paving wall mounted bar countertop varieties and specifications, for outdoor ground, the characteristics of granite ground laid, make it more suitable for square stone products processed into specifications ( 300*300mm、600*300mm) , dedicated to shop is square, give priority to with solid surface material. In a square ground laid, light color, red product predominance ( Said, the mass-tone attune of low-end products such as azalea, fugui hong, immortal red, from red, jhansi red, four JiHong is burning surface is given priority to) See, black (less According to the color product) 。 Used in color matching products generally use more high-grade and a variety of showily. Square solid surface ground on the choice what to notice? We have from the following three aspects to carry on the simple understanding. 1: the thickness of stone, stone commonly more thick more bending, but also can't unlimited use thick stone material. Commonly used simple conversion method is: limit 2 t the following car square stone material thickness is at least more than 3 cm, each with 1 t, add 1 cm. 2: the size of the stone material, if not considering the size of the stone material, increase the thickness of blindly, it is not economic, 2 is not conducive to the construction, and must be one of the measures, or the size of the wall mounted bar countertop is not easy to rupture or building stone and decorative stone products with specifications. 3: the choice of varieties of stone. In general, high flexural strength is greater than the solid surface sheets for sale solid surface, so more outdoor square to choose granite stone.
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