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Can a medicated bath also relieve it properly? Can't hold it anymore - take a medicinal bath, lose weight

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-06

This summer, street fashion is a simple style that does not require luxurious embellishments. Dressing with little cloth is no longer limited to the stage. Who doesn't want to show a sexy look. In order to have a flawless figure, many sisters regard proper lightening as a habit of life, but many people also have a lot of health problems due to improper lightening methods. The editor of the life home tailor-made a series of appropriate lightening private recruitment in the summer of the life home for you, so that you can have a healthy body and self-confidence while having a good figure. Let's be beautiful together this summer! Thin belly is a medicated bath therapy that has become popular in Baodao in recent years. Its principle is that according to different Chinese herbal medicines, after cooking and heating, whether it is steamed or directly soaked, it will have obvious effects on the body's blood circulation or treatment. effect. According to the concept of traditional Chinese medicine: medicated bath can promote blood circulation and metabolism, and as long as the prescription is properly conditioned, it can also achieve the effect of partial relief. Medicated bath materials To take a medicated bath for proper relief, you can first buy the following things at the Chinese pharmacy: 2 liang of lotus leaves, 1 liang, 2 liang, and 2 liang of Bai Ziren. The bath begins 1. Soak these herbs in 5,000c.c. water for 20 minutes. 2. After soaking, turn on the fire, boil the herbs and 5,000c.c. of water for 30 minutes. 3. Drain off the slag of the Chinese herbal medicines, leaving this hot medicinal soup, which is a good thing for us to take a bath. 4. After pouring the precious medicinal soup into the bathtub, there are two very important things, that is, the slapped ginger mother and a bottle of rice wine. Because these two things will promote blood circulation and help you absorb these herbs. 5. Lastly, when you enjoy a bath in the bathtub for proper relief, remember to soak for at least 30 minutes!

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