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Chinese consumption habits are changing virtually - industry fission, consumption habits

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-30

Just like Gome and Suning have changed the consumption habits of Chinese home appliance products, Dongfangjiayuan Building Materials Supermarket has also fundamentally changed people's consumption habits of household building materials products, said the relevant person in charge of Dongfangjiayuan Chengdu store. Since 1999, drawing on the experience of building materials supermarkets in North America and opening Beijing Jianqianjia building materials supermarket, Dongfang Jiayuan has created a precedent for the consumption of home building materials supermarkets. In the past 10 years, countless building materials markets have ebb and flow, but Dongfang Jiayuan has never stopped. It has footprints in 24 stores in 15 cities including Beijing, Shenyang, Chengdu, and Dalian, becoming the pioneer of China's home building materials chain supermarkets. Almost every change in the industry can be seen in the figure of Dongfang Jiayuan. Through the 10-year microcosm of Dongfang Jiayuan, it also reflects the changes in China's home decoration building materials market. Chain expansion together detonated industry fission 10 years ago, as a company that introduced 'building materials supermarket', Dongfangjiayuan is undoubtedly in the building materials industry. Many old employees still vividly remember the grand occasion of the opening of the store. Dongfangjiayuan Beijing After the opening of the Lize store, it was overcrowded for a while. The 30,000-square-meter hypermarket accommodated nearly 50,000 kinds of home building materials such as panels, doors and windows, tiles, floors, bathrooms, hardware, etc. Free purchase and self-service shopping brought A new shopping experience for consumers. In just one year, Dongfangjiayuan ignited the spark of Beijing Lize store in Shenyang and Chengdu, and Dongfangjiayuan took the chain road to the whole country. Gao Feng, the person in charge of Oriental Home Chengdu, said that at this stage, the strategy of Oriental Home is mainly based on the layout of the whole country, from Beijing to the first and second major cities in the country, and entering each city has caused a lot of shocks in the home building materials market. Cultivating internal skills to improve services and laying a solid foundation The rapid expansion of many companies has benefited from internal management, and Oriental Home is no exception. The store integrates building materials, furniture, home furnishing, and decoration to create a brand-new brand integrating professional building materials and hardware supermarket, international home experience square (Ouhua Shangmei International Home Plaza), and one-stop decoration design (ODC: Oriental Home Decoration Center). The business model has become an early enterprise that realizes the concept of complete home life in function. In terms of service details, the Oriental Home Decoration Center has also developed a menu-based home decoration design, a scientific budget with separation of materials and materials, and a home improvement butler-style whole-process management, which quickly solved the owners' various troubles in decoration. Why is Oriental Home still favored by the majority of owners after 10 years? The main reason is that on-site suppliers are all screened for peak analysis. In 2009, we launched an eco-home solution consisting of an indoor air quality system, a water purification system, and a solar energy system, and took the lead in putting the creation of an intelligent green home on the agenda.

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