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Choose bathroom doors and windows materials carefully-Bathroom doors and windows, bathroom materials

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-04

With the continuous saturation of the demand market share, the competition between the aluminum alloy processing industries is becoming more and more obvious. There are also many kinds of bathroom door materials in the market, which makes people dazzling and unable to choose. Here are some common materials for everyone to learn, so as to make a correct judgment. Plastic steel door: strong and stable, thermal insulation Plastic steel door has been on the market for a long time, but its popularity is not fast. The main reason is that the market is relatively chaotic, and the price of the same profile varies greatly due to different accessories and processing techniques. The defects of some low-quality plastic-steel doors are obvious: the auxiliary materials such as beading, seals and other auxiliary materials do not match the main profile, the appearance is rough, and the sealing performance is poor; The thickness of the steel brace of the inferior plastic steel door is not up to the standard, and the steel brace is not even used, so its service life is greatly shortened. Plastic doors and windows: novel colors and strong decoration It should not be too much to use the word 'rise' to describe the performance of plastic doors in Guangzhou. This material is popular with users for its novel colors, mild surface and strong decoration. However, when plastic doors began to enter the market, they did not completely get rid of the small workshop production method in terms of processing and production. For example, there are only two enterprises with an annual processing capacity of more than 20,000 square meters in a medium-sized city, and the rest are some small-scale processing. point. FRP doors: light weight, high resistance to aging, and FRP doors are another new type of door in the post-plastic steel era. Due to their late appearance, they naturally combine the advantages of other types of doors, including the robustness of steel and aluminum doors and windows, and the plastic steel. The anti-corrosion, heat preservation and energy saving performance of the door have its own unique performance.

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