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Choosing a bathtub is choosing a lifestyle-Acrylic bathtub, buy a bathtub

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-13

Before you know it, the bathtub has become a must-have in the bathroom. Compared with the fast-food style of the shower room, the bathtub can carry more foam and float, and maybe even sprinkled with flower petals. After a busy day, the urban family can put down their tired body and mind and plunge into the water, and the feeling of relaxation and comfort immediately fills the whole body. In terms of material, the common bathtub materials on the market are divided into acrylic, steel plate, cast iron, wood, and even aviation materials, and bathtubs of different materials have their own different characteristics. Acrylic bathtub is made of artificial agricultural production system material, rich in shape, light in weight, good in surface finish, and low in price. It has become the best-selling bathtub in the building materials market. However, due to the shortcomings of poor high temperature resistance, poor pressure resistance, wear resistance, and easy aging of the surface of artificial agricultural production system materials, the surface of the acrylic bathtub will change color after three years of use. It is understood that some manufacturers use imported high-brightness and high-hardness acrylic sheets for bathrooms in production, which overcomes these shortcomings to a certain extent. As the name suggests, the cast iron bathtub is made of cast iron and covered with enamel. Cast iron tubs are also more expensive, twice as expensive as other tubs, and come in a single style. The bathtub made of this material is heavy and difficult to move and handle. The installation process is also very troublesome. It often needs to be hoisted, and it is difficult to move and maintain after installation. However, its thermal insulation performance is good. The steel bathtub is made by stamping a special steel plate with a thickness of about 2 mm, and the surface is treated with enamel. It has the characteristics of heat resistance and pressure resistance, and its weight is between the cast iron bathtub and the acrylic bathtub, and the thermal insulation effect is lower than that of the cast iron bathtub, but this bathtub is not easy to adhere to dirt, wear-resistant and easy to clean. The wood bath tub is made of unique materials, usually cedar wood, which has high density, hard wood and very good anti-corrosion properties. The production process is relatively complicated, and it has to go through more than 30 processes such as drying, waterproofing, and anti-corrosion. The appearance of this kind of bathtub is simple and elegant, and the texture is thick and colorful. Two or three years ago, it began to become the choice of those who advocate returning to nature.

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