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Common sense of daily maintenance of fast heating electric water heater-Quick heating, electric water heater, common sense of daily maintenance

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-26

Common sense of daily maintenance of fast-heating electric water heaters: 1. After each bath, please turn off the power for 5 seconds, then turn off the water to maintain the heater; 2. When there is no one at home at 24:00, please turn off the water heater The power supply of the water heater and the water inlet angle valve of the water heater are closed to ensure the safety of electricity and water; 3. Users who do not turn off the power supply of the water heater should always check whether the water heater is normal, and if there is any abnormal situation, they should send it to the maintenance point for maintenance. If the water heater is used normally Under the circumstance, replace the thermostat and heater at the maintenance point every 3 years. 4. If the water output of the shower is reduced, it is necessary to clean up the blocked debris in time to ensure that the outlet is unobstructed, which is helpful to prolong the service life of the water heater. Improper installation and use of the thermal electric water heater will cause the product to fail to work properly and make consumers misunderstand the quality of the product itself. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the following four items: 1). No mixing valve. Fast heating electric water heater There is no need to use a mixing valve, because if the mixing valve is used to hit the middle, cold and hot water will mix and flow out at the same time. At this time, the flow of hot water will become smaller, causing the water temperature of the water heater to be too high, resulting in overtemperature (thermostat action), the water will become hot and cold. The customer service person should inform the customer who uses the water mixing valve to directly turn on the hot water end without mixing the cold water, so that the service life of the product will be longer and it will not be easy to scale. 2). Control the water flow. When installing the water heater, you must use the special shower head provided by the manufacturer. Under normal working conditions, the water heater can adjust the water flow or increase the water temperature. However, ordinary users do not have the habit of controlling the water flow, resulting in The water temperature cannot reach the predetermined effect 3). Install the filter. The quick-heat water heater must install a filter screen at the water inlet, because there is a small amount of debris in the tap water, so as not to jam the floating magnet (dry burning, no heating) or block the shower (the water outlet is getting smaller and smaller). If the filter screen is blocked, The flow will be reduced, the water output will become smaller, and the water heater cannot be heated if the floating magnet does not operate. After using for a period of time, remove the filter screen for cleaning, and then it can be used. 4). Check the position of the 'floating magnet'. When installing the water heater, the customer service personnel must remember to check whether the 'floating magnet' is at the lower end, so that it is in a free state to ensure the normal use of the water heater. Because the floating magnet is a hydroelectric linkage switch, open the water valve to automatically heat, and close the water to stop heating , If the sundries are stuck on the magnetic float, the water heater will appear dry or not heating. Clear the sundries on the magnetic float before it can work normally.

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