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Common stone surface processing technology

by:KKR Solid Surface     2019-12-24
solid surface sheets, as one of the choices of Villa exterior wall materials, has unique charm. It not only has a unique natural texture, but also has a variety of processing methods for the surface treatment of Stone species, such as bright surface, burnt surface, litchi surface and so on. Different processing surfaces may be suitable for different places, or different processing surfaces can cooperate with each other to enhance the architectural effect. The surface treatment of Stone is one of the key considerations for designers. For our products-- For the stone exterior wall of European-style villas, most of us have adopted the treatment method of burning surface, combined with some polished surface, matte surface and other surface treatment methods. I will introduce some commonly used stone surface treatments to G654 (Many people are also called Sesame Black)For example. 1, polished surface (Polished surface, polished) : Polished solid surface sheets refers to a plate with a flat surface and polished on the surface with a resin abrasive to make it have a mirror finish. The General Stone luminosity can be 80 or 90 degrees, and the luminosity of some stone species can even be more than 100 degrees, but some stone species cannot be polished and can only be Matt at most. Generally speaking, the higher the luminosity, the higher the price. Polished surfaces are generally used in flat curtain walls, indoor walls, floors, etc. , especially in some high-grade buildings, whose indoor walls and floors have high requirements for luminosity. Its characteristics are high luminosity and strong reflection of light, which can fully display the rich and gorgeous colors and natural textures of the stone itself. G654, polished surface 2, Matt surface (Honed) : Matte surface refers to a flat surface, with less polishing on the surface with resin abrasives. Its luminosity is lower than that of the polished surface, generally around 30 ¢ 50 and 60. It has a certain luminosity, but its reflection on light is weak. A plate with a smooth surface and low luminosity. G654, matte surface 3, Fire solid surface sheets (Singeing surface, flamed) : Refers to the rough finish made of high-temperature flame produced by acetylene, oxygen or propane, oxygen, or liquefied petroleum gas and oxygen as fuel on the stone surface. There are a few stones that cannot be processed by fire or the effect of processing is not good. Due to the effect of fire, some impurities and low melting points on the surface of the stone can be burned, thus forming a rough finish on the surface, and the hand will feel a certain tingling. The processing of the burning surface has certain requirements on the thickness of the stone to prevent the stone from cracking during the processing. Generally, the thickness is required to be at least 2 CM, and some stones will have higher thickness requirements. In addition, some materials will have certain discoloration during the fire process, such as rust Stone (G682) The rust Stone after the fire will show a certain reddish color instead of the original yellow rust color. The characteristics of the burning surface are that the surface is rough and natural, non-reflective, fast processing, and the price is relatively cheap. It is often used for dry hanging of the exterior wall.

G654, fire noodles 4, litchi noodles (Bush-Hammered) : Litchi surface is made by knocking on the solid surface sheets of the stone with a hammer shaped like litchi skin, thus forming a rough surface shaped like litchi skin on the surface of the stone, which is more common in the surface of the carving or the surface of the square stone. Divided into machine noodles (Machine)And hand noodles (Manual) Two kinds, in general, the hand surface is more detailed than the machine surface, but it takes time and effort. G654, litchi noodles

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