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coordinating your new bathroom vanity and vanity top

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-04-15
While looking for a new bathroom vanity, I found some different styles of vanity.
I am very new to the whole bathroom vanity.
I have never really decorated anything before and I decided to start with my bathroom.
I wanted a brand new bathroom and I looked at my current one and decided it would take a thorough overhaul.
The first thing I noticed was that the top of the cabinet was the central part of my bathroom.
When you walk into the room, your attention will naturally be focused on the vanity in the bathroom.
This is because it is located in the most obvious position in the bathroom, naturally the focus.
I decided to base on this and then match the colors
Coordinate other parts around the room.
First of all, I picked up the carpet in the bathroom, yes, the carpet.
I don\'t know why the carpet in the bathroom is stylish, but thankfully it is no longer the choice of the bathroom floor.
Under the carpet is a beautiful hardwood floor.
Originally intended to tile the floor, but decided to give the treasure buried in the ground to the sand, dirty and save it.
In fact, it was easier than I thought and ended up saving me money. (
There is no need for me to buy tiles, tile supplies and the things below
Layoffs, not to mention Labor).
Next, I remove the wallpaper and apply plaster where any wall cracks and flaws need to be fixed.
After that, I painted the wall in a beautiful neutral color that cleverly matched the new top I thought.
After the floors and walls were finished, I decided to patch the bathroom bathtub.
It uses two layers of special Poly paint, but it is worth it in the end, and it saves money on a new tub.
Finally the bathroom vanity and top combo.
I found a dresser online that I really thought could be used with my bathroom.
I saved a photo, printed it out and used it to match my floor and walls.
Things have come together so far, all I have to do is order these two.
Vanity itself is a RTA product (
Ready to assemble).
This bathroom furniture is in-
The price is expensive, the appearance is exquisite, the structure is firm.
I was very happy with the vanity of the RTA bathroom and also saved me money.
The top is a cultural marble top I ordered online.
This is on the same RTA site and also a great purchase.
The cultured marble has a classic bathroom look, while it fits well with my hardwood floors.
Finding these products online makes my decoration simple and easy.
When I am ready, I use pictures to match the color and style I want
I placed my order online and sent the top and bottom of the bathroom vanity to my door.
This is a great first project and I am looking forward to finding new projects online for my house.
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