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corian sinks - do people like them?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-21
I have noticed in some of my website traffic statistics that several people have found my website or blog on Google by asking this question.
Do people like the Crean sink?
Like almost anything, some people like them and think they are the best thing to do on the kitchen counter.
On the other hand, I often meet people who hate their Crean sinks very much.
By the way, I\'m talking about the \"coorian\" sink, but it\'s really the same for all solid surface brands.
While sinking from one solid surface to another has serious, clear differences in quality, the problem of deciding whether people like them is basically the same.
The main reason people like their Crean sink is the built in installed underground counter.
It provides a smooth journey for you to wipe any crumbs or sundries on the countertop.
There is no part of the sink above the KKR countertop, so nothing can catch the crumbs and get shot at the edge of the sink, which requires extra effort to clean.
Another benefit of making people like their Crean sink is that there is nothing to seal or fill in.
This is only because there is no maintenance other than basic cleaning, so it is easy to go.
What most people complain to me is that if you don\'t keep the sink clean, the stain will appear.
Life keeps people very busy, and the busy routine of the day may make it more likely to pour the last bit of coffee into the sink, and then take it out of the drain before the coffee falls.
If something like coffee, tea or other colored liquid is allowed to sit in the sink, it will hardly be cleaned up immediately, and the yellow brown stain becomes the main source of unhappiness for homeowners.
If they do get dirty, they can get back to good new condition again with some drastic cleaning, but most homeowners don\'t know how to do drastic cleaning.
They usually do a gentle cleaning of it and maybe leave bleach in the sink and drain it.
It is not possible to rely on this alone, but I will discuss this in another article.
Do people like the Crean sink? Yes. And no.
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