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countertop reverse osmosis systems - 3 reasons to avoid them

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-02-29
I don\'t know anything about you, but I bet you worry about the quality of the water you drink at home with your family.
That\'s why you\'re here.
You can also consider the KKR countertop reverse osmosis system as an option for home water purification needs.
In this article, I will explain why they may not be the best option for your health.
First of all, there should be some background information.
The way these counter surface reverse osmosis systems work is-
There is a semi-permeable membrane inside.
When tap water passes through the membrane, all contaminants larger than the holes in the membrane will be left behind and the water will pass through.
Now let\'s see what the first three reasons you should avoid these filtering systems are: 1)
Not pure water: the water produced by this filter is definitely cleaner than tap water, but still not suitable for consumption.
Common contaminants such as dirt, heavy metals and bacteria
They are large in molecular size and are easily filtered out by these units.
The problem comes when water contains smaller contaminants such as pesticides and herbicides, chlorine and prescription drugs.
Since the molecules of these impurities are very small, they easily pass through the membrane of the filter, and the water you get is still impure and unhealthy. 2)De-
Minerals: the natural form of water, containing calcium, magnesium and other minerals.
The molecular size of these minerals is large, and the membrane is blocked in the counter surface reverse osmosis device. The de-
Therefore, the mineral water produced by these units is not really healthy and may cause many problems due to the lack of these essential minerals in the body. 3)
Expensive: These systems are really expensive at first.
An ordinary RO system can easily cost more than $300.
Then, as they run on electricity, plus your electricity bill, the cost of running is also high.
Don\'t get me wrong.
If you can get really pure water to keep your body healthy, then the cost is small.
But if everything you get from the counter top reverse osmosis system is half
The lack of pure water with essential minerals makes no sense to spend so much money.
Your best option is to use a water purification system that keeps the minerals in the water and removes all impurities in the water.
Systems based on cutting-edge technologies such as sub-micron filtration, ion exchange, and carbon filtration. Your next step?
Go beyond the counter top reverse osmosis device to find a more effective and safer choice of pure drinking water.
This is the most important decision you can make for your health.
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