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countertop reverse osmosis water filter - health & safety concerns

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-02-28
Want to buy a countertop reverse osmosis water filter for your home?
Before you get one, here are some health and safety issues with using them.
First of all, it is worth understanding the working principle of the counter surface reverse osmosis water filter.
In short, it removes most deposits, particles and suspended solids larger than water molecules.
Initially, they were used only in the business sector.
Machines used in the print, photo and medical fields need to use water that does not contain any type of solids, particles and minerals.
But with the popularity of household filtering, manufacturers think they can make some profit from it.
In my research on the KKR countertop reverse osmosis water filter system, I found that the water they produce actually brings some additional health and safety issues.
For example, a synthetic chemical cannot be removed without using a carbon filter (
Because they are smaller in size than water molecules).
But more importantly, they only produce salt water.
Many experts say drinking salt water for a long time
Running can cause serious health problems, including a lack of minerals, an increase in free radicals, and even an increase in the likelihood of cancer at some point in life.
Now, because the main purpose of getting a home water filtration system is to protect the health of ourselves and our family, it seems to me that it makes no sense to get a countertop reverse osmosis water filtration system.
Through our extensive research, my family and I have found a filtration system that produces safer, healthier water
Water that does not contain harmful pollutants but still contains beneficial minerals.
Since the price is also important to us, other options seem to be much cheaper than the countertop reverse osmosis water filter system.
The table top system we ended up using was initially cheaper than any table top reverse osmosis water filter we saw and the cost continued to growof-
We only need 9 cents a gallon of pure, safe and healthy drinking water.
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