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Create a high-quality bathroom space - high-quality, bathroom space

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-25

The bathroom uses green as the keynote of the space, and brown wooden furniture as the embellishment. The rectangular basin fully considers the convenience of use, the three-dimensional combination makes the space layout more flexible, and the clear outline creates a sense of uniformity. The white washbasin is embedded into the wood-colored countertop, which is elegant and natural. The semi-transparent frosted glass door bathroom cabinet can store a large number of sundries in the bathroom and improve the use efficiency of the wash area. The blue veneer wall tiles set off the white sanitary ware to create a cool bathroom. The pure blue brings people a sense of freshness of nature, the edge of the basin is polished very round, and the transparent vision makes people feel light, making the whole bathroom more transparent. The island design with the basin as the center is undoubtedly a highlight of this bathroom. The regular shape establishes a model of modern style with simple structure and clean lines. The facade of the basin cabinet with marble pattern all shows the quality of the home in terms of matching and details. The simple and rounded washbasin constitutes the space of the wash area, and the concise layout looks open and atmospheric. A stainless steel shelf is installed under the basin to provide storage function. This combination has a full sense of transparency. The original ecological stone basin, the finely crushed stone is full of rich retro sentiment, and can also express the aesthetic temperament of sanitary ware. In a space close to the natural sense, the washbasin can also become cute. The redecorated washbasin edge and the uneven stone surface form a space interest. The pure white washbasin and bathroom furniture not only broaden the vision of the space, but also make it more elegant and clean. The whole toilet area uses less colors, simpler lines and more common materials to deduce a very beautiful natural space. The combined design of the basin and the countertop is simple and delicate, easy to clean, very suitable for modern minimalist style living room. Although the design is simple but practical, the platforms on both sides are convenient for placing soaps, towels and other supplies. The washbasin is on the countertop, and the black marble countertop forms a strong contrast with the white sanitary ware, and at the same time avoids the single color. The shape of the lotus leaf has a unique shape, which breaks the unchanging shape of the basin and is the highlight of the bathroom. The washbasin adopts simple lines, matched with marble countertops, with the texture of natural stone and smooth lines. In terms of color, only wood color and white are used. The overall unified layout and clean and refreshing tones bring vitality and vitality to the bathroom space.

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