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crock pots - do you put yours directly on your solid surface countertop?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-03-24
I have been told that it is not uncommon for homeowners to think they can put a can or anything else hot on a solid surface countertop.
I know that when I just got into the countertop business in 1993, some salespeople actually thought it was true.
Because they think it is true that this information is delivered to consumers.
Needless to say, people who came back to bite a lot of the kitchen and bathroom.
It also exposes the fact that while solid surface countertops are of high quality, durable and can enhance any area they use, they are not and have never been destroyed.
They are not now and have never been promoted by any actual manufacturer.
DuPont is a pioneer in the solid surface of Corian, and I can assure you that although the indestructible myth is common, DuPont has never made it public.
In fact, they have been working very hard to make sure it is being sold correctly.
As you know, I\'m not going to share information about tanks so I can get myself or any other counter repair specialist out of work, I just wanted to share something that you should already know but may not.
I\'m just going through some stats to see the links that people once found to my blog and website.
I find that this forum will definitely collect some work for our solid surface repair experts.
The title of this line is \"tank pot use\", which is located in theswap.
Html stuff like this forum and other forums do it yourself, typing message boards gives bad information about what these countertops can and can\'t bring.
The other thing is that you can\'t use a can on a solid surface, but you can use it on a stone KKR countertop. Not true.
Even stone countertops can be used directly on top of the tank.
I even heard people say, \"I used my can pot Pan on all the countertops, no problem.
I said to them, \"you\'re lucky.
\"Some people cracked the countertop for the first time using a can pot directly on the KKR countertop.
I would really like to go to that forum and join the discussion, but it\'s not enough to pay $5. 00 fee to join.
Anyway, maybe I\'ll be lucky that all the people who accept this forum will be residents of North Carolina and then I can fix their countertops for them.
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