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Crushing radiation to human body harmful rumours of natural stone

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-09
Natural stone products, Including natural solid surface sheets for sale and granite) There are harmful to human body of radioactive 'this speech has for a long time. Although the industry has been to reverse error cognitive doing socially active efforts, but still can't eliminate the misunderstanding of the masses. As consumers have radiation misunderstandings about natural solid surface sheets for sale and granite, consumers as long as the hearing has radiation is to have a harm to human body. 99% of matter in nature actually have radioactivity, but most failed to cause harm to human body radiation, stone material that can cause harm to human body material. Four industry authority, a professor at tsinghua university, national famous radioactive expert Zhu Li, deputy director of the national quality supervision and inspection center stone, the national standardization technical committee deputy secretary-general Zhou Junxing stone, natural stone association secretary general Jim Hieb, international association for natural stone, Ali Sayacki joint speaker in the conference. Covers all aspects of life, its utilization is far beyond the public imagination. But historically, there has never been evidence because building stone cause radiation caused by the adverse consequences. China stone association, vice chairman and secretary general JiZiGang came to read the full press conference initiative, called on the industry consistent, against unfair competition means, from set up the brand consciousness to improve product quality and innovation ability, and called on to vigorously carry forward the mini-sculpture stone industry, let the consumer feel the charm of natural stone.
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