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Eight tricks to teach you to easily create a complete bathroom-bathroom decoration, perfect bathroom

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-20

Step forward: Quantity. Measure the size and decoration style of each area of u200bu200bthe bathroom. Step 2: Think. When purchasing, you should first think of supporting products. All parts and accessories of the whole set of products should be at the same level. The style and color of the supporting products must match the decoration style of the bathroom, so as to be harmonious and beautiful. Step 3: Choose. Choose the appropriate size of bathroom products, and determine whether the toilet's drainage method, installation size, and other bathroom products are consistent with the size and style of the bathroom. Step 4: Look. You can choose to carefully observe the reflection on the surface of the bathroom products from the side under strong light, and it is better to have no or less blisters and pits on the surface; products with high brightness indicators use high-quality glazed materials and very good glazing technology , the reflectivity of light is good, so the visual effect is good. Step 5: Touch. You can use your hand to gently rub the surface, it is better to feel very smooth and delicate; you can also touch the back, and it is better to feel the slight friction of rustling. Step 6: Listen. You can tap the ceramic surface with your hands. Generally, the sound of good ceramic materials is relatively clear when tapped. When there is a hoarse sound, there may be cracks. Step 7: Compare. It is mainly to investigate the water absorption rate, the lower the water absorption rate, the better. Ceramic products have a certain ability to absorb and penetrate water. If water is absorbed into the ceramic, it will expand to a certain extent, which will easily cause the glaze on the ceramic surface to crack due to expansion; especially for toilets, if the water absorption rate is high, it is easy to The dirt and odors in the water are sucked into the ceramics, which will produce odors that cannot be removed over time. Step 8: Recognize. Recognize brand, recognize service, recognize water saving. At present, sanitary ware has passed the water-saving certification, and there are also national brand products, consumers can buy it with confidence. At the same time, the installation of the toilet also has certain requirements, which must be installed by professional installers.

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