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Electric water heater: whether it is fast heating or instant heating-electric water heater, fast heating, instant heating

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-26

As the temperature is getting warmer, people's bathing frequency is increasing, and the purchase of water heaters is imminent. In 2011, electric water heaters accounted for 66% of the entire water heater market, indicating that most consumers are still optimistic about electric water heaters. Different from gas water heaters, electric water heaters emphasize individualization in appearance design and function, and are more convenient to install and use. According to the water storage method, electric water heaters can be divided into storage type and instant heating type. The more notable features are reflected in the appearance. The water storage type electric water heater needs a large inner tank to store water, while the instantaneous electric water heater does not need a large inner tank, and the volume of about 10 liters can be achieved. Out of the box effect. Instant heat is a rapid heating technology based on storage-type electric water heaters, while instant heat is aimed at instant electric water heaters. If the storage-type electric water heater is based on the previous generation electric water heater, then the instantaneous electric water heater should be the second-generation electric water heater, and the fast-heating electric water heater is the third-generation electric water heater. In terms of power, the power of storage-type electric water heaters is usually not higher than 3000W, that of instant electric water heaters is usually more than 5000W, and the power of fast-heating electric water heaters is mostly 3000W-5000W. The development of water heaters is seen from the product power. , has gone through the process from low to high, and then reduced. Among them, the quick-heat electric water heater is undoubtedly a product that is more suitable for the user's environment and can ensure the comfort of use. Which is better or worse? Storage-type electric water heaters have a capacity ranging from 40L to 100L. Since the product uses low-power heating tubes, the preheating time is often 1 hour or more each time. brought a lot of inconvenience. Although the heating technology of storage water heaters is constantly changing, it is still unable to break the problem of long preheating. The second generation is the compact instant electric water heater on the market. The birth of the instant electric water heater is mainly designed for the shortcomings of low power, large capacity and long-term heating of water storage electric water heaters. It can quickly heat the cold water flowing through the heating cup, and quickly increase the temperature of the cold water to achieve the effect of instant heating. However, due to the use of high-power heating, the product must be installed and used with a dedicated line of more than 4 square millimeters. The quick-heat electric water heater is the third generation of electric water heater products after the storage-type and instantaneous electric water heaters. It not only completely abandons the functional defects of the predecessors, but also integrates and enhances their advantages, fully satisfying the user's comfort and satisfaction during the bathing process. The quick-heating type is small in size, small in capacity (below 40L), low in installation conditions (can be installed on a 2.5-square-meter line in ordinary households), large in water output, rapid heating, not affected by weather during use, and has no limit on the number of users. Under the guarantee of very high power, the instantaneous electric water heater can be turned on and used like a gas water heater. Fast-heat electric water heaters are relatively inferior and need to be preheated for about ten minutes in advance. The author has also done product testing. If you use a fast-heating electric water heater for a single bath, you need to preheat about 15 minutes in advance. The heating time is selected according to the actual situation of the home. If the electricity environment is difficult to meet the operation of the 5000W power appliance, then you might as well take the next step and choose a fast-heating electric water heater. The difference between quick heating and instant heating is mainly reflected in the heating speed and power, as well as the size of the appearance. Users can choose the appropriate product according to the actual situation of their living environment.

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