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Energy saving and environmental protection new force heat pump water heater purchase knowledge-heat pump water heater, purchase water heater

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-26

What is a heat pump water heater? Energy saving, green and environmental protection have become important aspects that many consumers consider when purchasing home appliances. Therefore, energy-saving home appliances have also become the research and development focus of major home appliance manufacturers. Heat pump water heaters are a new force in the hot water market. It has the advantages of low cost, energy saving, environmental protection, safety; easy installation, constant hot water output temperature, etc., and no special installation location requirements, so it is sought after by many consumers. Working principle Heat pump technology is a new energy technology that has attracted worldwide attention in recent years. A well-known pump is a mechanical device that can increase potential energy. For example, a water pump mainly pumps water from a low level to a high level. As the name suggests, a heat pump is a device that can obtain low-grade heat energy from natural air, water or soil, and perform work through electricity to provide high-grade heat energy that can be used by people. A heat pump water heater system generally consists of four parts: compressor, condenser, throttle valve, and evaporator. The working process is as follows: the evaporator absorbs heat from the surrounding environment to evaporate the heat transfer working medium. After the working medium steam is compressed by the compressor, the temperature and pressure rise to form high-temperature steam. When the high-temperature steam is condensed into liquid through the condenser, the released Heat is transferred to the water in the storage tank. The condensed heat transfer working medium is returned to the evaporator through the expansion valve, and then evaporated again, thus completing the heating cycle. When purchasing a heat pump water heater, you need to pay attention to the following points: ◆Determining the type Choose the type of heat pump water heater according to the consumer's living water habits and household installation conditions. The first is the installation conditions. When the bathroom is small and there is no platform on the outer wall of the bathroom for external units and the water tank is placed, you can consider purchasing an integral wall-mounted heat pump water heater; if there is an air-conditioning unit or an installation location for an outdoor unit on the outer wall of the bathroom, consumers’ demand for hot water will increase. When it is larger, consider purchasing a split heat pump water heater. In addition, the local temperature environment should also be considered. For example, in cold areas, in order to ensure water use in winter, a heat pump water heater with auxiliary electric heating should be purchased. ◆Determine the brand Compared with other water heater products, heat pump water heater is a new type of product. In addition, the quality of heat pump water heater can be summarized as three points of products and seven points of service. Therefore, how to ensure product quality is very important. Consumers should choose a brand manufacturer specializing in the production of water heaters, even if the price is a little more expensive. For regular professional production enterprises, whether it is internal configuration, parts selection, production process, welding process, thermal insulation technology, installation skills, and after-sales capabilities, there will be detailed standards and executable specifications, so that the quality will naturally be guaranteed. . Consumers can choose from the following aspects: 1. Look at the manufacturer's qualifications (such as the time and strength of the water heater manufacturing industry, which national relevant institutions certification certificates, etc.). 2. Look at the local sales of the product or the manufacturer's related products, the population of users and the longer years of using the product locally. 3. Look at the technical characteristics of the product: (1) The ability of the company to independently develop and apply for the technology; (2) The power of the host, the size of the COP value (thermal efficiency), these parameters should be subject to the certification of the national quality inspection department. ◆Determining the volume When determining the volume of the product, the following two points should be paid attention to: (1) The nominal volume of the water tank, the nominal volume is the nominal number of liters of the water tank. (2) According to the national standard, the actual volume of the water tank should be greater than 92% of the nominal volume. According to consumers' water habits, generally a family of 2 chooses a 100L water tank, a family of 3 chooses a 150L water tank, and a family of 4 chooses a 200-300L water tank. If the number of people exceeds 5, it is recommended to choose a large-volume water tank.

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