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'Environmentally friendly' cottage cabinets are prevalent, buy carefully-environmental protection, cottage, cabinet

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-03

Cabinetry is a labor-intensive industry with a low threshold, which allows some small workshops without professional knowledge and skills to take advantage of the opportunity. In the face of a homogeneous market environment, it is really difficult for laypeople to distinguish who is genuine and who is copycat. Some consumers can even describe it as shocking every step of the way when making a choice, but in the end they were defeated because of lack of professional knowledge. In recent years, the cabinet industry has developed rapidly, but due to the imperfect market supervision, the industry order is still relatively chaotic. Some small workshop-style manufacturers and family-style factories are not qualified to produce special products such as cabinets. They produce inferior cabinet products by cutting corners and shoddy products, so that a large number of toxic and harmful materials are mixed into them, which seriously damages consumption. rights of the owner. In fact, according to relevant reports, many cabinets that claim to be environmentally friendly actually do not meet environmental protection standards. The environmental protection of cabinets is an integrated concept, which is far from being a formaldehyde that does not exceed the standard. There are many other factors that affect the environmental protection performance of cabinets. There are some cheap cabinets on the market, which are very attractive to consumers. However, most of these cheap cabinets are made of inferior boards, so it is easy to have excessive formaldehyde. The quality of cabinets depends to a large extent on the quality of materials. The reason why cabinets produced by small factories are cheap is that in addition to simple processing equipment (some small factories can’t even talk about equipment), the main reason is that the cost of plates is cheaper. For example, the price of an imported high-quality sheet is several times the price of an inferior sheet, and some are even dozens of times. In order to reduce costs and earn maximum benefits, many small workshops use inferior boards for processing, which not only damages the rights and interests of consumers, but also seriously affects the healthy development of the entire cabinet industry. The hardware accessories on the cabinet can be said to be one of the more important components of the overall kitchen. It directly affects the overall quality of the cabinet. Based on the development experience of the overall kitchen abroad, the quality of the hardware accessories has become an important symbol to distinguish the quality of the cabinet. But domestic cabinet manufacturers still lack attention in this regard. Practically speaking, the door of the cabinet needs to be opened and closed thousands of times, and it is difficult for domestic hinges to meet this standard. Therefore, consumers must be willing to spend money on this point when customizing the cabinet. At present, the vast majority of domestic cabinets use domestic hardware accessories, mainly to reduce costs and win customers at lower prices. And some brand cabinets with regular service will clearly mark the brand of hardware accessories used, or mark the price of different grades, so that consumers have a choice, which is worth emulating by other companies. In the face of the fake cabinet products on the market, the relevant people will give you two tips: go ahead, the quality of the cabinet is not limited to the material, the material can be bought as long as you spend money, the craftsmanship determines the quality, and the good craftsmanship determines the cabinet. Whether it is durable and whether it can minimize the unenvironmental factors in the production process. Second, local enterprises can request to go to the factory for on-site inspection, and foreign enterprises can search for information from various sources to verify their identity. Mastering these two tricks can basically make the copycat version reveal its contents. Of course, for consumers who do not know how to do it, choosing a guaranteed channel to buy products can also reduce risks.

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