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Environmentally friendly mini bathroom - 'fascinate' your eyes-bathroom products, overall bathroom

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-24

Mini bathtub The bathroom products are based on the theme of humanistic care, which reflects the care for economic families and the pursuit of family needs. There are more works that reflect the care for women. In the past, if the bathroom area was small, many customers could only simply install a shower screen and do a good job of dry and wet partitions, which has satisfied all the customers' dreams. At present, due to the introduction of the small and medium-sized apartment policy and the accelerated pace of life, in order to meet people's pursuit of a higher quality of life, even a Mini-type bathtub is launched. The overall bathroom is generally designed for the corner, which involves the corner position. Consumers must determine the placement of the home before purchasing. At present, this small bathtub is specially designed for small and medium-sized apartments. Both sides are walls, and the bathtub is just stuck in the middle. The bathtub occupies only a little more than 1 square meter, and the previous one was smaller than 1.8 square meters. Although the bathtub looks small, it has complete functions, such as shower, hydromassage and so on. Bathroom has also launched a matching toilet, bathroom cabinet and so on. If the room space is large enough, the selected space will be expanded accordingly. You can purchase a large bathtub with bubble massage and hydromassage installed. In addition to the computer control panel, various buttons and even an LCD TV on the bathtub wall, you can enjoy water and bubble massage while watching TV. Especially for the easily damaged and fatigued back, the specially set water massage can remove the fatigue of your day. This kind of leisure can be said to be a good one. Smart Toilet Every home has a toilet and everyone has to use it. After using it, it will make you happy and easy to ensure that you are happy. The song 'Toilet' has attracted the attention of many fans to private places. Squat toilets, toilets, siphon toilets, flush toilets The products in the bathroom world are even more diverse and constantly evolving, making people dazzling. After continuous development, in terms of color, bathroom products have entered the world of flowers and colors; in terms of shape, they have also moved from tradition to maverick, and the apple-shaped toilet even has an S-shape that imitates a woman's curve; technically , As far as toilets are concerned, the country has begun to enforce the 6-liter water-saving toilet, and now there is even a 3-liter water-saving water-saving series of water-saving toilets on the market, and the average single-speed flush is controlled below 3 liters. What is more important to attract women and housewives is that the shape design of the toilet ranges from potholes that are difficult to clean, to flat, smooth and simple appearance and lines, and all problems can be solved by gently wiping with a rag, this toilet flushes A lot of women's cleaning troubles. In fact, a very important part of the toilet is the flushing system. At present, it has changed from mechanization to computerization and humanization. With the intelligent toilet, the seat cushion can automatically adjust the temperature. In winter, the buttocks do not need to be afraid of freezing. The toilet is automatically cleaned immediately, and it is very warm.

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