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Give the bathroom a little scent of birds and flowers. Four natural style bathrooms-bathroom, natural style

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-14

For the home, flowers are not only a decoration, but also represent the owner's low-carbon and prosperous life proposition. But if you're just putting some flowers in your home, you're out because you're missing out on the newer fads of planting flowers in your walls. The editor has selected three flower tiles from the Nobel Pure Beauty series, and recommends 4 model bathrooms that are fragrant with birds and flowers. The charm of butterfly and flower bushes (WF26002) is designed with the theme of sweet flowers and shadows. The interior design is based on pure white tiles and partially collaged with tiles with flower patterns. At a glance, it looks like a cluster of flowers, especially In a misty bathroom, the effect is even more hazy. If you can match it with the soft decoration of butterflies like in the model room, it will really make you feel like you are in the middle of butterflies and flowers. Gentle and warm greenhouse The bathroom should be warm. What this tile (WF26008) can create is a pure natural greenhouse feeling. Inspired by the design of South African jade stone, it creates a warm and gentle feeling for the entire bathroom space. If there is a large area of u200bu200bwindows, you can be in the warm sunshine of nature when you are bathing. How pleasant. The fragrance of fresh orange lily The purity and fragrance of lily are contained in this tile (WF26009) inspired by Burmese jade, with a warm and transparent texture, embellished with orange lilies, in this bathroom model room to create With a clear natural breath, you can see the elegance of fresh orange lily, warm and inspirational, as if you can smell the fragrance of lily. The elegance of roaming the sea of u200bu200bflowers The tile (WF26002) is also themed with sweet flowers and shadows, but it can create a completely different effect indoors. It is also made of pure white tiles, and the paving method is horizontal and vertical on both sides. While creating a sea of u200bu200bflowers, it does not form a rigid feeling of large-scale tiling. It is atmospheric and elegant, like a flower wall, allowing you to wander.

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